Moving on to the next plan

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we plan.. rarely do they work out exactly as we plan.

For example: The Space Coast Marathon.. It’s not happening. We aren’t going to be running the full marathon this year. We will be running the half, but the full isn’t going to work out for us.

Honestly, I’m a teeny bit relieved.

Do I want to run a full? Yes.


Space Coast? Uhm.. I had mixed feelings on Space Coast.
The potential for it to be miserably hot on race day has been bothering me for a while now.. I know I’ve been a whiney baby about the heat – It’s just not fun.

I have been really considering whether or not I wanted to run Space Coast. I want to do a full, but I just didn’t feel like putting in the work. and since 26.2 miles is no joke, and training is required, I needed an attitude change, or a different game plan. (note: my stank attitude isn’t the reason we aren’t running. there are other reasons that are beyond our control- if the timing would have worked out better, I would have sucked it up and continued on with training.)


So. We ( me & jenny ) have a new plan. We are looking at a March marathon. This would put us starting to train the first week of November. This feels better already.

I have a few races on my radar, and a few I’m already signed up for:

October 28th: Halloween Halfathon
November 25th: Space Coast Half-Marathon
December 9th (day before my 28th bday FYI): Holiday Halfathon (already registered)
February: 10th: St. Pete RnR 1/2  (already registered)
March 2: Full Marathon Day


I’m excited for the new full. I think the weather is going to be significantly better than if we were to run Space Coast. I can also try for a half-marathon PR before full training really ramps up.


So. That’s the new game plan.

I’m off to bed. 12 mile long run Saturday morning.


6 thoughts on “Moving on to the next plan

  1. From personal experience I can say that being excited for a specific race, not just the distance, is really important! And I’m glad you have already picked another date…I’m excited for you to run a full!

    • I definitely want to run a full, but space coast was just freaking me out. We have a much better chance at cooler weather and the race that we have picked out – plus training would be when the weather has cooled down.

      (i heard it was 45 in Dillon yesterday… not fair! … a friend of mine has family there, and his mom mentioned the temp…not fair!) Although I know you aren’t in Dillon, was it pretty cool yesterday?

  2. Good for you for being flexible.. I think it’s important. I think many people let their ego get in the way and end up running something they are yet prepared for! I am excited to follow you on you to your halfs. You will now have cooler weather to train in for your full! And when that happens.. I’ll be rooting for ya!

    • I think my ego is the opposite – It won’t let me run something that there is potential for me to really fail. I am also excited for my upcoming halfs. I had a really good 12 miler today, so i’m hopeful that I can PR at the half @ the end of October.

  3. I was in central Florida a few weeks ago and I don’t know how you people deal with that weather! It sounds like you already have a race picked out, but you could always do Shamrock instead 😉

    • Ugh, yeah. The weather is bad here – but isn’t it just as humid and gross in D.C.? We are considering the Albany Marathon in Albany GA. We did briefly talk about Shamrock, but Albany is only a 5hr drive for us.. VA is much further!

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