Thursday randoms

1. I looked up the pass rate for the Certified Professional Coder – specialist (medical biller)…. For first time test takers the pass rate is only 47% .. yeah, that’s not good odds. My anxiety over this test just went through the roof.

at work – reading the AHIMA website..stressful!


2. My left foot has been bothering me all week. Therefore I have run exactly ZERO miles this week.

3. My arms are sore. and I like it

4. my glutes are sore. I don’t like that so much.

5. we are having pancakes & eggs for dinner tonight. I’m that lazy today.

6. Chris is asleep on the couch. It’s 5:40pm, he’s also that lazy today.

7. I have a magazine problem

8. I’m helping organize a bingo fundraiser for Florida Cancer Affiliates. This is WAY outside my comfort zone… but I’m actually enjoying it.. kind of. — If you are local, and want to play bingo on Oct 6th, let me know. I’ll send you the info.

bingo for tatas header


9. I took my measurements this week. I’ve lost 2’ in my hips, 1” in my waist @ 1.5” in my chest.

10. I really think that’s enough random crap for one day. If you didn’t see my post from earlier today, check it out. (I swear that’s the last time I mention it).


3 thoughts on “Thursday randoms

  1. Sorry to hear your foot is bothering you – but I think it is great that you are letting whatever it is run it’s course and concentrate on your WODs.

    I love when I a sore, too. However.. I am still REALLY sore from the leg lift I did on Monday. I think I lifted too heavy after only running while we were away.

    • I’m totally loving weight lifting. It’s such a challenge, and it feels good to feel strong. I’ve never felt strong, so this is a totally new kind of endorphin rush! Loving it!

  2. My tush is feeling the WODs today…and my arms. Definitely prefer it when my arms are feeling it. I don’t like it when it hurts to sit down!

    And a 47% pass rate isn’t that horrible – thats almost a 50/50! And I think the fact you are stressing a bit ups your chances. Or thats what I tell myself when I stress out…you are stressing so you’ll work harder, so you’ll do better. Or something like that!

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