to be what YOU want to be

love myself

Chase has a great article up on his website tonight about being your own athlete. Check it out here
”So stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to be someone else. Start figuring out what the hell you are going to accomplish today. Then do it.”

Monday’s are supposed to a recovery day. I had a 4 mile easy run on my schedule, but when I woke up this morning my right hip was still achy & tight. It was achy all day so I decided running wasn’t the solution. I checked out CFE for the WOD, then got to work.

First part of the workout was 3×5 Strict Press – no change in weight.
“no change in weight” …those words are kind of scary.
I was scared that if I chose the 15lb weight I wouldn’t be able to complete all 3 rounds.

thumbs up workout

but I did it. y’all!
Presses kill me.
I struggle through every workout that involves those damn presses.
part of the WOD was push presses .I used 20lb weights for those push presses!
I felt great. I felt strong.
I know I’m making progress.
some workouts make me feel like I’m not making progress, but today’s workout was a good one-
I needed it. 

to have muscles



Not sure what Tuesday will bring. Now the top of my left foot is sore. If it’s feeling better I’ll attempt my 6 mile run. No intervals, just 6 miles. I think I’m getting back into my groove. I’m feeling good. Feeling strong, and looking forward to my next run.


2 thoughts on “to be what YOU want to be

  1. Jena you absolutely inspire me, after reading this. The Workouts sometimes look tough visually. You see something that might intimidate you and then you push through it. So proud of you for attempting things that you thought you may not want to do. Keep up the dedication!

    • Sometimes the workouts are very intimidating. One of the things that keeps me pushing through a workout when I feel like I can’t is that I don’t want to have to say, “I couldn’t do it.” I don’t want “I can’t” to become part of my vocabulary. I might not be able to do it exactly as everyone else can, or lift as heavy, but i CAN do it.. and I will. Thanks for your continued support!

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