Space Coast Marathon: Week 6

Week 6 was much more productive than week 5. I actually did most of my prescribed workouts {that’s progress!}

sc marathon training

Monday: planned: 4 mi easy, actual: 4 mi easy (38:05) + WOD

Tuesday: planned: 6 miles intervals, actual: 6 miles intervals (7:30, 7:20, 7:20) The way it breaks down is 1.5mi warm up, 800, 1 mile rest, 800, 1 mile rest 800, 1 mile cool down.

Wednesday: cross-training day. actual: WOD + stationary bike

Thursday: planned: 6 miles, actual: 3 miles on the treadmill

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: planned 12 mi, actual 6 mi (stormed out)

Sunday: 10 mi long run, actual 10.77mi, 8:15avg

Total Miles : 29

What’s scheduled for WEEK 7:

Monday: 4mi easy pace + WOD
Tuesday: 6 mi – intervals
Wednesday: WOD + 45 min bike
Thursday: 6 mi + WOD
Friday: REST
Saturday: 14 mile long run
Sunday: REST or WOD


I love making collages from my instagram pictures. (I am obsessed w/’s scary) I wish there was a better iPhone app for collaging.. The only one I Know if Dip Tic – do you know of a better one? TELL ME!!

week 6 collage

1. running intervals on the treadmill.

2. Shannon & I have treadmill dates on Tuesdays- We run our intervals “together.” It makes the time on the ‘mill go a lot faster, plus the support is awesome!

3. who doesn’t love a big bowl of oatmeal & fruit in the morning?

4. Chris wishes I would let him get that Kawasaki Ninja. No way jose, we’ve been there done that w/ the crotch rocket.

5. talking to Chris on g-chat .. he has a black shirt on & the headboard was dark on the bed so he looks like a ghostly floating head

6. mmmmm coconut pancakes!

7. just a random picture of me. We were about to head over to Lowes

8. a sea biscuit from the Bahamas

9. Wyatt loves to lay out in the sun

10. dinner one night was ground turkey with sauteed spinach & green peppers w/ fresh tomatoes

11. no explanation needed there. YUM!

12. I painted a black picture frame green. It’s pretty now!



-WORK HARD this week. Stay on track. Stay focused. Remember what you’re working for


2 thoughts on “Space Coast Marathon: Week 6

  1. I couldnt figure out how to leave comments.. Duh me! I didnt realize clicking on the post link was the trick.

    Those coconut pancakes sound delicious. Makes me want to cook some right now.

    I actually prefer treadmill intervals out of all of my treadmill work.. besides walking.. cos walking on the treadmill usually means reading gossip mags or watching trashy tv 😉

    • Intervals is pretty much the only thing that makes the treadmill somewhat enjoyable – other wise it’s just a horrible slog fest. Yuck!

      The pancakes are SO good! I LOVE the coconut flour!

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