Let’s try this again: weekend long run


I’m not sure how I feel about getting up at 3:30am on Saturday AND Sunday. I also fail to understand why I can get up at 3:30am on the weekend, but I STRUGGLE to get out of bed by 7am during the week? That is not logical at all.

I met David at LongLeaf for a 10 mile run around 6:20. We chatted for a few minutes, then hit the road. I had no goal pace for this run. My last few long runs have been slower than I wanted, and it’s taken a toll on my mentally, so I just let myself run at whatever is comfortable.

We decided to run from LongLeaf to our normal Saturday run spot and then back. Thank goodness we ran to the shelter – my stomach was gurgling by mile 2.. At mile 5 I needed the bathroom for real.. I don’t like to divulge to much about bathroom habits, but I felt like it was affecting my pace.

imaget the Starkey stop I took a green apple power bar gel, drank some water, hit the bathroom, and then we headed back to Longleaf. I felt pretty great on the way back – I kept getting waves of abdominal pain, so that sucked, but I was able to breath through it and keep it sub 8 for the last 3 miles..and right at the end of mile 10 an awesome cramp right under my ribs tried to kill me…dang. I was feeling so good!


Mentally, I really needed a good, strong run like this. I’ve been feeling defeated by the heat and by the abundance of crappy long runs. I know the heat has a lot to do with my pace, but it’s still a hard pill to swallow. We have about 2 months of nasty heat & humidity before we really start to feel a change in the temperature. ….the countdown has begun! (Last year we had a few cool weekends in September. Let’s cross our fingers and hope we get lucky this year! September is just around the corner…. unbelievable! This year has FLOWN by!)

I’m outta here. We are headed to Clermont in a little bit to celebrate my Mom & Step-Dad’s birthdays! Bur first I need to make some sweet potato salad & chocolate cupcakes (wish me luck on the cupcakes.. I suck at baking.


5 thoughts on “Let’s try this again: weekend long run

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting! Running 10 miles didn’t happen over night, I had to build up to it. I couldn’t run a mile when I began running in 2009!

  1. I’m not extremely experience in fast running or strength training but I’m willing to bet that the WODs have a bit of a negative effect on pace, especially when its still a new thing. Yeah, muscles are good and we all need them to be better…but in the beginning when they are all tired out the pace feels it. Again, just a random theory, but it might help with the mental game!

    It has gotten cooler here in CO too – its amazing what it does with moods/runs/everything! Sun is good and all, but a cool breeze is freaking amazing!

    • I can’t remember how long i’ve been doing the WOD’s. I think I’ve only had one long run that would be affected by them, maybe 2. I was on vacation for 2 Saturdays, so I didn’t long run at all. You could be right – I’ve been taking Friday’s as total rest days so that my legs will be rested come Saturday. My 13 miler last weekend was definitely affected – my quads were so sore. It’s a delicate balance (WOD’ing & marathon training). I’m hoping I can continue to make it work.. I’m also hoping once it cools down i’ll get some of my speed back…. but speed doesn’t really matter on the longer marathon runs.

      Ugh. I’m counting down until we get a reprieve from this heat.

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