Where I’m at


Vacation is exhausting. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.. That picture is actually on the way to the Bahamas. The water was so smooth I slept the entire way, it was magnificent!

I’m not going to post a billion pictures, and recap day by day – That’s boring.

bahamas 2012 collage

Big picture: sitting out on the flats. Not sure what the guys are looking at behind me.
Bottom starting at left:
1. arriving at West End to check into customs
2. we jumped out to pee & cool off
3. Chris & Jeremy enjoying a beer on the t-top while we ride through the cut

Top to Bottom:
1.  Me & Stacey. We skipped fishing on Wednesday and went to town
2. Chris caught a little black fin tuna. I ate a piece..raw. It was fishy
3. Chris is underwater diving on a rock
4. I’m holding a starfish we found while diving.. Don’t worry, we put him back!

don’t judge my ridiculous tan. What is even going on with that? This was on Tuesday, we hadn’t even gone diving yet.. that tan is much worse now.. Tan legs, awesome sunglasses tan…and really pale stomach..cool. We wear long sleeve shirts when we dive/snorkel for a few reasons.  Mainly to avoid sunburnt backs. We are in & out of the water pretty often so applying sunscreen would be difficult. Second, the jellyfish situation is crazy! This year my Dad & Sister got stung on their necks! ouch

jena jump1

jena jump2jena jump3

Stacey & I got bored while the guys were diving on a rock so we decided to jump off the T-top. — My camera has a setting that allows you to hold the button down and it will take multiple pictures. That’s me in the frames above- for some reason we could only get half of Stacey’s jump then it would cut off.

This week is all about getting back on track.

Last week I didn’t work out at all. Not one single time. We did snorkel/dive 2 days, and that is a lot of work. Eating clean on a boat is practically impossible, at least for me it was. The space is very limited, and buying things just for me wasn’t really an option. We have one food cooler, for 6 people… We can’t all have special things; so I tried to make the best choices with what I had.

I packed clif bars for breakfast, and starbucks via for coffee. It wasn’t oatmeal w/ blueberries & raspberries, but it got the job done. Lunches were those bread thin things + lunch meat. We had goldfish, granola bars, chips, & ginger snap cookies** for snacks. I stuck to goldfish & granola bars… and I did have a crap load of ginger snaps on Friday.
Dinners… ugh. One night we had hamburgers, 6 nights we had fried fish, grilled/fried lobster, grits, baked beans, mac n cheese… The last night we went to Port Lucaya and ate at Zorba’s where I had cracked conch (aka fried) & rice w/ peas (aka beans).

**It is a tradition that we take ginger snaps on the boat when we are fishing. We left them in the room on days when we were diving, but they always have to go out while we are fishing.


Ginger snaps are almost just as important as the GPS!

Work it out: Week 4 (or 5) of marathon training…

Monday: easy 4 miles + WOD
Tuesday: 6 miles intervals  + WOD
Wednesday: stationary bike + WOD
Thursday: 6 mi tempo run
Friday: WOD
Saturday: 13 mi …. longest run since my last half in April.

Sunday was not a successful day of clean eating.. It started out well with oatmeal, blueberries & raspberries for breakfast, but it went downhill with dunkin donuts coffee and numerous other unclean treats.. Oh well. It was a stressful day – Monday will be better.

I already have my lunch chicken cooked, and ready to go. Just have to portion out some veggies & fruit and I’ll be on my way to getting back on track.

I’ve never understood “craving” fruit & veggies.. but after a week of solid crap, I was so happy to hit up Publix for some fresh food.


What did I miss? Anything new? I tried to stay caught up on blogs, but commenting was rather complicated from my kindle fire..and the wifi connection was a tad bit sketchy.


One thought on “Where I’m at

  1. I’m rather glad I don’t spend a lot of time in a bathing suit – I’d look even more ridiculous than you do with my fancy tan lines. My legs are a crazy mess of tan lines! Although seeing the Olympic marathoners tanlines have me thinking crazy “runner lines” are cool!

    Sounds like quite the weekend. And I’m with you one getting back on track. Since July 4th we have had every weekend planned out with visiting friends/family. Great for getting time off work and escaping reality. Not so great for eating/cooking/running…

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