rough conditions

Rarely in life do things go exactly the way we plan, at least for me. If you’ve figured out how to make things go exactly like you plan, every time, please tell me your secret!


Waking my Pops up so he could move his truck was not in my plans for Saturday morning, and I can assure you getting woken up that early wasn’t in his plans either.

This last week I paid extra attention to how much water I was drinking(win!). I tried to eat enough (I didn’t) and tried to get all my workouts in (I didn’t).

I knew I had a hard run coming up on Saturday, and I wanted to be properly hydrated & fueled. Usually I eat 2 english muffins for breakfast before long runs, but this time I wanted to try out oatmeal to see if it would stick longer.
answer: nope. I was hungry by time I got to the gates at Starkey Park.
Haven’t figured out how to fix this problem yet.
I also drank a bottle of water with breakfast, and drank about 8oz of gatorade/water mix on my drive to the park.

long run time: It didn’t feel AS hot on Saturday morning, but I  knew as soon as the sun came up it was get hot quick, and it did.
The first 4 miles were okay, but I was struggling.
The goal was 12 miles at 7:55avg.

Obviously we didn’t meet our goal.
But I’m not upset about it.
I had a good run. I gave it everything I had. I held nothing back.
I checked when I got back to my car.
It said current temp was 82, but felt like 90.
so, an 8:16avg in 90 degree heat. yah. I’ll take it.
but is it winter yet?


There was a lot of self-talk going on doing that run. I kept telling myself that I could do this. I was in shape to run this pace. Keep the negative thoughts out, positive thoughts only. Never quit. mental toughness.
IT was rough out there.

I ran with a fuel belt and drank 10oz water/gatorade mix. an unknown amount of water. 2 powerbar green apple gels.
also poured an unknown amount of water over my head.
I was soaked by time we made it back to the parking lot.

By mile 9 my calves were feeling crampy. I woke up early saturday morning with a Charley horse in my left calf – so that was awesome  sucked.
Probably need to invest in some salt tabs.


It’s really hard to avoid self doubt during a tough run like that. Really hard.
It’s really hard to not second guess my decision to run a full marathon.

The good thing about these tough runs: they help me build up mental toughness.
they will also help me run faster when the weather cools down.


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