stay strong

Wednesday’s are cross-training days around here.

I planned on riding the stationary bike for 30 minutes, but I also wanted to get some strength training in. I logged onto Chase Ford Endurance and saw the WOD(workout of the day).

Looked doable. The workouts are set up to be done in a gym, or in a “box.” but since I don’t have access to either I e-mailed Chase for some modifications.

(as many rounds as possible) (I feel like I’m giving away crossfit secrets) Check out this interview w/ Bob Harper for more crossfit terminology.

Station 1: (5minutes)
10 Shoulder Presses
5 Burpees

Station 2: (5 minutes)
15 sit-ups
15 squats

Station 3 (5 minutes)
15 dumb bell swings
10 shoulder presses


After I rode the stationary bike (30 min, 7.2 miles), I set up my weights & mat (for situps) messed w/ the interval timer on my phone so I wouldn’t have to pay to much attention to the time, and got to work.

It was hard. I felt discouraged almost immediately. Shoulder presses by themselves are fine, but shoulder presses after burpees…. totally different story.
I considered quitting and not even bothering.
I did.
I really did.

Then I thought, “Chase knows I’m doing this workout today. If I quit. I will have to e-mail him and tell him that I didn’t do it.” That will suck.

and I pushed on.
I finished the workout. Tired, and sweaty. It was only 15 minutes.
It was 15 minutes of self doubt.

Once I was done with the workout, I remembered that I just started this type of strength training. I just started strength training at all a little over a month ago.
Be patient.

when you are struggling with a workout, or a run; Is there someone, or something that pushes you through?

When I’m running, I try to think about the end goal. I want a sub 4 marathon, and that isn’t going to happen if I’m just prancing around on the trail. I need to get down to business and work hard.



3 thoughts on “stay strong

  1. Burpees are hard, plain and simple. I give you credit for doing them. We had burpees at the big bootcamp at Red Rocks on Saturday…and I didn’t even try to do them. I said it was because the cement would hurt my hands and was incredible hot. All true. But also “the bullshit story”…

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