Saturday, July 14th..what a day.

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How was your Friday the 13th? Mine was normal; like any other Friday.

Saturday the 14th was a real beast.
I had a funny feeling when I woke up this morning. I kept thinking, “I should stay home. I should go back to bed.” But, I didn’t. I ate my english muffins, drank my coffee & water and headed out the door by 5:45am.

Today I took my water belt…which didn’t work out in my favor.
I also took my keys with me on my run. Why? I don’t know. I never do this.

I knew within the first mile that this run was going to suck. To bad for me since I had 9 more miles. The humidity was thick in the air this morning. It was nasty. I felt ocean belly; which I’ve read means dehydrated. I don’t see how I could possibly have been dehydrated. I’ve been drinking WAY more water than normal.

I ran the first few miles w/ Rob. We talked a little, but I was struggling, and he’s not a big talker; I put my headphones in and tried to zone out.

Mile 4: 7:57, also known as: the mile where it starts to fall apart. I didn’t stop at the 4 mile water stop since I had my fuel belt. I stopped @ the 5 mile turn around, took a green apple power bar gel, drank some water, and took off again.

Maybe I waited to long to take a gel? I usually take one at mile 4.

5 miles sure seems like a long way when you’re struggling.
Every step was rough
By mile 7.5 I felt like I was in someone else’s body. My feet and legs weren’t not communicating.
and NO ONE was communicating with my lungs.
and everyone was communicating with my brain. My whole body was just bitching.
bitch, bitch, bitch.


My water belt is definitely to big so it was bouncing all over the place. If I pushed it to far down on my hips, it was to tight and restricting my legs. Wearing it around my waist isn’t even an option. That drove me crazy for 10 miles. I’m selling it. $25. 4 bottle amphipod fuel belt. Goes for $46 on running warehouse, and I paid $35.

Today was a bit of a rude awakening. My last couple of runs have been incredible. Today was like, “OH HEY, by the way, it’s summer. In Florida.”

last mile 9:00. I can’t remember the last time I saw a 9 minute mile as my last mile.
I was unhappy with how tough this run was (mentally & physically), but ecstatic to be done with that run.

Lesson I learned today:
If you pop your trunk via key fob, then throw your fuel belt (including keys) in your trunk, and shut the trunk. It won’t reopen. Popping the trunk from the key fob, does not, I repeat DOES NOT unlock your trunk.

freakin’ fail.

I was locked out of my car for about 5 hours today. That sucked.
Chris is out of town.
My Dad is in Tampa.
A fantastic friend called AAA.
the AAA guy tried for 2 minutes to unlock my car then decided he couldn’t do it.
well thanks guy.

My friend, Tom, was SO kind and stayed with me while I figured out what the hell I was going to do. I ended up having to call my Dad and have him come from Tampa to pick me up, take me to my house, get my key, then take me back to my car.

No one else could take me to my house because I had no way to get in. Since my Dad lives with us part time he has keys & a garage door opener. Climbing through the window isn’t simple unless you just happen to be carrying around an extension ladder….and apparently most people don’t. hmph.

I finished my run around 8:15am. I got home, with my car at 1pm.
OH!! AND the park put a ticket on my car because the year of my parking pass couldn’t be seen. don’t worry, I paid in pennies, nickels & dimes. $1.10 in pennies, the other .90 in nickels & dimes.

I’m a jerk, but c’mon. At least just leave a note asking me to stop by the office and show the stupid parking pass. If I wasn’t in such a foul mood I would have stopped and argued w/ them about it. But I know how I am when I’m in a bad mood, and I would have just looked like a gigantic ass … not that paying in pennies is much better, but at least no one got cussed at.

and that’s that. Now I’m going to lay on the couch and read the first book in the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell… I’ve already read quite a few of this series, but I want to read the whole thing.

I hope your Saturday was better than mine; If it wasn’t, feel free to tell me about it so I can feel better about mine Winking smile

4 thoughts on “Saturday, July 14th..what a day.

  1. Uh, your Saturday sucked. Well, except for fighting through the run. But that even sucked a little bit.

    My Saturday started with a ringing phone at 6:10am – a coworker calling me. I couldn’t find my phone in my sleepy stooper and when I figured out who called I freaked out because I thought it was Sunday and on Sunday mornings I work at 6am, and ti was 6:10am so I was thinking I was late. Then I realized it was Saturday…and that she wanted me to come in to cover her shift. Which I did because I’m a nice person. So my Saturday that was supposed to have a run + mtn bike ended up being about work and a swim. But I did make it 550 yards! A huge deal for me! Yes, there were a few breathers but I actually swam for 550 yards…300 of which were the front crawl that nearly drowns me!!

    Good luck with your Sunday! 😉

    • Congrats on your swim! That’s exciting! Waking up freaked out messes up your whole day! Once I got home my Saturday was much more relaxed, thank goodness! Today is a day at the beach, so that will be extra relaxing!

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