wait.what did that say?

Lesson I learned today:
set water belt out night before so you don’t forget it…idiot.


This morning when I woke up I had 6-7 miles on my schedule. Then as I was driving to the park I decided I’d do 8. What the hell, it’s only one more mile.

This morning when I woke up I was going to run easy. Like, an 8:30 pace. So how come when I looked at my watch during the 2nd mile it said 7:26? Then I looked at it again and it said 7:36.. then when the mile beeped it said 7:44. How did that happen?

forget easy, I want to kill this 8 miler.


I put my music in after the first water stop (2.X) and zoned out. Somewhere along the way David caught up to me (I think before mile 2 actually) and he ran along side me for the remainder of my run. Usually if someone is running beside me I’ll take my headphones out and be social. Today I felt like I needed that music to push me along. That pace is not a pace that I can hold long conversations at…yet. (maybe one day).

At mile 4 I took a green apple power bar gel with some water, said Hi & Bye to whoever was at the stop then headed back in.

I was running scared;
Scared that I would burn out.
scared my legs would figure out the pace and start to rebel

Unfortunately the water coolers on the way back in were empty. There are 2 coolers and both were empty.. apparently there was a fire last week at Starkey Park and it burnt down the shed that holds all the equipment, including the power that runs to the well that is used to fill up the coolers. next week I will remember my fuel belt.

Overall I felt good. I wish I would have worn my heart rate monitor; I’m curious what my HR was during that run. It felt hard, but I never felt out of breath. My legs were starting to lose steam in the last mile, and no water for the last 4 miles was a killer!

David gave me my marathon goals earlier this week; I’ll share them soon.


I’m going to take a short nap. Chris is out with my Dad and that means I have the afternoon free to nap & relax.


4 thoughts on “wait.what did that say?

  1. Damn thats a speedy 8 miles! You are getting so quick! ANd it is almost time for marathon training to begin! WOO!

    Enjoy your afternoon of relaxation! Justin and I are actually heading out on a friend sboat so we can’t wait!

  2. You are running so well this summer; I dont know how you do it! Can’t wait to hear your marathon goals. I know you are going to do amazing. 🙂

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