there and back again

June has come and gone.
July is here, and I am 145 days out from my first
full marathon.


I haven’t registered yet, so I guess I’m not really official; to be honest, I’m a little anxious about registering. Once I register, there is no turning back.
done is done.
I have to train.
I have to run 26.2 miles.

June turned out to be a pretty successful month;
Ran : 90.57 miles
Bike: 174.9 miles

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to run 1000 miles in 2012; which comes out to about 83.3 miles per month. As of today, I’ve run 501 miles. Right on target.

I’m taking today off; I woke up feeling like crap, and it’s continued through out the day. I’m about to drink a gatorade, and hope this nasty feeling goes away.
I think it’s remnants of yesterday’s long day on the bike. Many, many hours out in the sun, not enough water, wearing a helmet for 7 hours, 90mph down the turnbike..
It’s all very rough on your body.

So yesterday we went for a super long motorcycle ride. In theory, this was a good idea… but when we actually did it… not so much. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be doing that again unless we are staying over night somewhere. 300 miles on the back of a motorcycle, in the blazing heat is a really long day.


No, I didn’t use my actual address for that map..creepers.
We did go from the west coast, to the east coast & back to the west coast in 12 hours though.

We left our house at 8:30 am, met up with my Sister at her house around 10. Hung out for a few minutes, they loaded up on their bike, then we headed East towards Cocoa Beach.

IMG_2208[1]The chances that she is texting me are pretty good. Stacey & Jeremy have these awesome headsets they use so that they can talk to each other and listen to music via bluetooth.

Unfortunately Chris & I don’t have those yet, so we have to resort to texting each other.
It’s kind of sad that we can’t just ride, right?
Yeah right.. 300 miles…with out talking to someone?

I start getting all sorts of crazy thoughts. Being alone inside my head for that long is scary.
I start to think about how bad it would hurt if I fell off and hit the ground.

moving on:

After a few texts back and forth about where we should eat lunch we decided on Grills in Port Canaveral. If you’ve ever been on a cruise that left out of Port Canaveral, then you may have seen this place. It’s in the same place where the cruise ships leave out of. Nice place. Nothing to write home about – It might have been more fun if we could have sat outside, or on the lower deck near the water – instead we were stuck at the last table near the door. …and if more drinks could have been consumed Winking smile

IMG_2212[1]What are you lookin’ at Stace?

After lunch we went to see my Aunt at her work. She is the park manager (or something) for Cocoa Beach. She was at Jetty Park yesterday, so we headed over there to say hey and see the place.

Chris went to Jetty Park as a kid so he was a little excited to return and see how it has changed. Of course it’s changed quite a bit over the last 20 years.


That rectangular building above the tree line is Kennedy Space Center. My awesome iPhone camera doesn’t show it to well, but you could see it very clearly from where we were standing at Jetty Park!

We had to start heading back towards our part of Florida around 4:30. We said good-bye to Aunt Sandi, and got back on the road towards the West Coast.

Before we could really get on the road, we had to stop at The Lone Cabbage in Bithlo for a drink….and some live music…and people watchin’

cocoa beach trip

We finally made it back to our house around 8:15 Sunday night.

Our next ride will be considerably shorter! We are actually planning a trip up to St. Augustine, which is about 2hrs from my sisters house. Now we know that we need to make a few stops along the way.


7 thoughts on “there and back again

  1. 145 days until your first Full is exactly where I am at. Guess your first will be the Space Coast Marathon like mine. Funny about being anxious in registering since I have the same thoughts. Waiting until 7/31 when the amount goes up. Then like you say “will be no turning back!!” Good luck on your training!

    • Oh dear, I thought the final day before fees went up was 8/31 !! I need to check this! I think the possibility for extreme heat is the one thing that worries me the most about running a full. The distance is scary, but can be managed by good training. There is absolutely nothing we can do about the weather; except register for a january full instead of a november full.

      Good Luck to you as well as training approaches!

      • My bad you were right 8/31 is when the price increases. Funny I am the opposite. I am concerned more with distance seeing I have to manage that and not the weather since I cannot control it. Personally being in Fl all my life I would rather be in shorts/tank in the warm than layered up with clothes in the cold.
        Are you doing any Halfs in your training? I am doing Jax Marine and Frakenfooter.

      • Phew! Still have time to back out.. Ha Ha! I’ve also been in Florida my entire life; I actually used to love the summer! I love being on the water, but summer & running do not go hand-in-hand.

        I haven’t decided for sure on any half-marathons. I might do the Halloween Half in Ft. Desoto, i think it’s the same weekend as Frankenfooter.. I may do Frankenfooter, I don’t know. I like Ft.Desoto, but last year the halloween half was soo windy it was miserable, and it’s not shaded at all. At least I’m familiar w/ the Frankenfooter course, and it’s mostly shaded.

  2. You are totally going to crush your 1000 mile goal for 2012! You are half way there.. and almost 1/5 of your miles came in June.. and training hasn’t begun!

    I don’t think i would be able to go without talking to someone.. on a motorcycle.. for 300 miles. That is a long time. Honestly… I don’t know if I would ride on a motorcycle. I am a wimp like that – even though I know they are totally safe!

    • Riding on the bike scares me – It’s definitely not safe; at least not around here. Yesterday the same lady almost hit my sister & her boyfriend TWICE. Dumb lady was on the phone and not paying attention. I’m guilty of talking on the phone, but I’m always on the lookout for bikes. I’ve seen a lot of almost accidents between bikes & cars not paying attention. … but if I never did anything that scared me, i’d never do anything.

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