air it out



Today I learned:
I need to love my water belt.
It’s my friend

I had planned on doing 12 miles today, but yesterday there was some comments on facebook about flooding across the trail just beyond the 4 mile mark, so I decided to cut it down to 8 miles. I don’t mind running through water, but the rumors were that it was pretty deep, and had a bit of a current… Pass.

I started out running w/ Christina, but ended up running most of the 8 miles by myself. I’m glad I brought my iPod (and remembered headphones) this week. It was nice to put in some music, and just space out. I’m usually not a fan of running long by myself; I love running with the group, but today it just worked out that I ran by myself, and it really wan’t to bad.

I had complete freedom to go as fast (or slow) as I wanted and feel no pressure. NOT that anyone pressures me, but when I run w/ someone I feel obligated to run WITH them and that sometimes means running a pace I don’t want to run…and I’m fine with that 99.7 % of the time.. but it really felt great to just air it out today.

I ran hard. and it felt darn good.

I kept looking at my watch and silently freaking out over the pace. “If I’m running a 7:50 in the 2nd mile, will I be able to hold this for the next 6 miles?” “Am I going to burn up and end up crawling back to the parking lot?” “Is this real?”

Stupid self doubt. Running really is a huge mental game. Physically, I was feeling fantastic, but mentally I was scared I’d burn out. Since I was running alone, the pressure was a little less. I just kept pushing, and told me self if I had to, I could slow down on the way back.

We had some fog this morning and it seemed a little “cooler” out… I use the term cooler. extremely loosely. I’m really counting down the days until the cooler temperature roll in for a few months.



I recently bought the amphipod 4 bottle water belt… I’m feeling very meh about it. For one, it’s to big. It I put it around my waist I’m at the very end of the velcro, and if I lose a few more lbs, it will definitely be to big. If I put it down around my hips, it bounces like crazy… I think I might return it. water belt recs? I don’t know if I really need a 4 bottle.. The thing I do like about the amphipod is that I can take off the bottles I don’t want to use – which I guess I could probably do that w/ any belt.  — The flasks are difficult to get out of the snaps. Any tips on how to get them out faster/easier?



Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!
Tomorrow we are headed over to Cocoa Beach on the motorcycle.


4 thoughts on “air it out

  1. First- awesome run!!! You are supaH fast! 😀
    Second- Yes, you need the 4 bottle. You’re going to be training for a FULL marathon and will need the fuel! I have the amphipod 4 bottle and wear it down around my hips and fasten it super tight so that it doesn’t move. It does take some time getting used to and you’ll never actually like it but you will always need it. As far as the bottles being tight, it just takes some time to break them in. A few uses and they should go in and out a little easier.

  2. I have a Nathan Fuel belt with just 2 bottles, 10oz each. I wear it tight around my hips and it doesn’t bounce. I can’t imagine it around my waist. I also wear it a bit abnormally – with the little pouch centered on one hip or the other which puts one bottle in front of that hip and one behind. Not how its shown to be worn but it fits/sits better for me my way. Some days I absolutely hate the belt, other days I’m glad I have it.

    And I think you are doing amazing by throwing down so many fast miles without a specific training plan. I’m really excited to hear about marathon training! 🙂

    • Around my waist isn’t the most attractive thing, but it bounces the least. I guess i’ll just keep playing with it.

      “marathon training” that phrase makes me quite anxious; I start alternating between 10/12 milers on June 9th, and then my first 14 miler is in August.. I’m a little nervous about this. I have high hopes, but it’s just going to keep getting hotter.

  3. I feel like its broiling here at 90* and humid; I don’t know how you live through Florida summer.

    I have the same water belt. I don’t “love it” but it gets the job done. I have to wear it tight around my natural waist (not my hips) and then it doesn’t bounce much. I have trouble getting the bottles to snap back in when it’s cold and they freeze, but in the heat it’s usually fine. So no suggestions on that. I got it because it had better reviews than most others. I know I honestly just prefer no water belt, but when I need it this one at least gets the job done.

    Nice pace on your run!!

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