mud slingin’


I finally got to run outside on Wednesday!
Chris & I headed over to the preserve to check out the water, and so I could get a run in.
There was still a lot of standing water.
At first I tried to dodge it.
Then when we came up to a particularly large “puddle” I hopped on the handle bars of Chris’ bike and he rode through it. … I’ve never ridden on the handle bars of a bike before. That was scary!

Eventually I just gave up dodging “puddles” and started running through them.


Today (thursday) ended up being a rest day; We had some stuff to take care of and I didn’t have enough time after work to run/bike before we had to leave. bummer, I was looking forward to a long bike ride.

Hopefully I can get in 4-5 miles on Friday afternoon. I was planning on a total rest day, but since Thursday was a total rest day, and Saturday I’ll only get to run 8 miles, I think I can manage some miles on Friday.


soooo, whose going to see Magic Mike this weekend? C’mon, fess up!
I bought tickets for me & jenny to see it on Saturday.. Oh man, I’m excited.
Channing Tatum is just hot. I don’t care how horrible the movie might be. I’ll pay $7 to watch him dance around half naked for 90 minutes =P


4 thoughts on “mud slingin’

  1. Chris randomly offers me rides on his handle bars…all I see is me falling off and him running me over!

    Once you get in that mud its kind of fun – you can frolic like a small child! Have you done any mud runs/races? If you even remotely enjoyed your puddling jumping on that run I highly recommend them!

    • It would have been more fun if we weren’t riding through mushy sand, and if I had somewhere to hold on. I was basically just balancing. EEK!

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