it’s a snoozefest around here. Thanks a lot Debby



It’s frickin’ rainin’ y’all


Thanks a lot #tropicalstormDebby

Thankfully I was able to get a great 10 mile run in on Saturday morning. The humidity was out of this world disgusting, but we had some really great cloud cover we didn’t have to deal with a blazing sun.


Later Saturday afternoon we traveled down to Manatee County to hang out w/ Jenny & her Hubz.. Our original plans were to head over to Ft.Desoto and get some beach time in, but thanks to Tropical Storm Debby we had to make new plans.

Jenny & I spent the whole week trying to think of indoor things we could do. It turns out there is very little indoor entertainment in Tampa/St.Pete.

We decided drinking & catch phrase @ Jenny’s house would be an excellent idea.. and it was. I suck at Catch Phrase, but it’s darn fun! After a lot of rounds of Catch Phrase we headed to Mi Pueblo for dinner. I had the Enchilada de Espinacas & Chimichanga. Yum!


Today has been so boring.
We’ve been watching it rain, literally.

Every so often we look out the front windows and see how flooded the road is.

We are actually very fortunate; the flooding is much much worse in the areas south of us.

If you’ve ever been to Tampa – That’s Bayshore Blvd.. (picture came from a facebook friend)

and my personal Facebook favorite:

That would be a someone’s drive.. a someone that lives no where near a lake.
No clue how that catfish ended up in their driveway, but they weren’t the only ones reporting seeing fish in odd places.

So we’ve basically been hanging out doing nothing all day long. We drove around the neighborhood earlier to check out the flooding… e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g


Please tell me something you did this weekend. I have to live vicariously through other people. This weekend was a total wash..literally. wompwomp


7 thoughts on “it’s a snoozefest around here. Thanks a lot Debby

  1. We are getting pounded with rain right now – but it is passing through! I heard about Debby – and how slowly it is moving – so it could just rain for days. SO sorry! I hope that she picks up speed!

    Great long run though 🙂 . You are getting so fast! My weekend was great.. it was actually prefect weather wise (not rubbing it in your face)… so I was outdoors a lot … and then Justin’s mom hosted my other shower last night! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe how much flooding there is in central Florida right now. I keep checking on my family to make sure they haven’t drifted away yet. My friends kept posting pictures of Bayshore last night and I was convinced they were photoshopped. It’s crazy!

    That looks like an amazing long run – were you going for a progression?! Do you think running your long runs with a group has helped you get faster? Honestly, I used to consider myself a solo runner but then started doing tempo runs with a local running group. That went well, so I added in a group recovery run. Recently, I joined a club for weekly intervals at the track. I do like the group setting as I feel like I’m more inclined to push myself, but I absolutely LOVE doing long runs by myself so I can zone out and feel less pressure. I am worried about trying to “keep up” for longer distances… but, I should probably just give it a try at some point!

    • Ugh. I just typed out a long response and it disappeared! Hate it when that happens!

      For my long runs I always try to make the last 3-4 miles the fastest: It doesn’t always work – If I’m having a bad run, or whatever.. For me, it’s kind of a confidence booster to finish my long run strong.

      Do I think running long w/ a group has helped me to get faster? yes Absolutely! when I first started running with the group in Oct 2010 I was averaging between 9:15 – 9:30 on long runs. Since I was new to the group I just stuck with running by myself and because everyone was a lot faster than me. Eventually I warmed up to the group and started trying to hang on to the faster groups. Sometimes trying to hang on was frustrating, but other times it was rewarding.

      I hate doing long runs alone; even if we don’t talk during long runs, it’s just knowing that someone is there to push you along when things get tough – someone to give you the nudge you need to keep going.

  3. I spent the weekend hiding out in the house because it’s 100 degrees and sunny as hell here. I would kill for that rain…just a little bit of it.

    Nice job on your run Saturday. You are seriously getting fast. I’m jealous. 🙂

    • I’ll bottle some of it up and send it your way!

      I can’t wait for it to be cool again; I hope to see a nice increase in pace w/ cooler temps.. wishful thinking, right?

  4. Debby Downer. Ha.

    And we will take all of that rain. We got about 30 minutes of steady rain today…I have never seen so many people so excited for rain! We need it so freaking bad.

    • I wish I could bottle up some of this water and send it your way! Are you safe from that gigantic fire thats happening out there? That is INCREDIBLY scary!! Stay Safe!

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