really? only 1200

IMG_2102[1]So since I have short hair now, putting it back in a pony tail when I run is not really an option. I do have a little baby penis sized (Sorry mom) pony tail, but then there are all these random hairs that stick out everywhere. I tried a regular bicband type head band, but that wasn’t very successful..

The point of that stupid paragraph is to explain to you why I felt the need to order $30 worth of bondi bands. I tried a bondi band on once at an expo a few years ago.. I looked stupid. nothing has changed, I still look stupid. I’m trying to remember that it doesn’t matter what I look like, right?

Anyways. So I tried my new bondi bands out yesterday on my stationary bike ride, and today during my treadmill run & bike ride. They work fine. They kind of slip up in the back.. annoying. It’s likely that I wasted $30 on these stupid things.


Yesterday I rode 11.6 miles in 45 minutes – not really impressive, but whatever. It got my heart pumping a little, and 45 minutes is better than no minutes. Today I ran 4 miles in 34:55, then rode 5.2 miles in 20 minutes. I think I’m going to like having a stationary bike in the house – it’s not the most fun thing in the world, but it’s a good workout and it gives my knees a break from the pounding. So far my week is shaping up nicely in the working out department – not exactly what I had scheduled, but I’ll take it.


In an effort to get a grip on how much I eat during the day, I joined my fitness pal – This thing can’t be right, it told me I need to eat 1200 calories a day in order to lose 5lbs? Is that right? 1200 doesn’t seem like enough…which could be why I’ve been stuck at the same weight for a year. I know 5lbs is stupid.. people say, “I fluctuate that much.”  I’m afraid to put my weight because I don’t need all sorts of ridiculous comments. So lets just say that I want my top fluctuating weight to be what my current weight is right now. moving on from the weight topic.

What really surprised me is that when I plugged in everything I ate today, I was only over by about 250 calories – then when I plugged in my workouts It told me I needed to eat 3XX more calories. Hm. Interesting. I also bought a food scale; not because I want to be crazy obsessive, but because I want to get a better idea of portion sizes.


Don’t worry. I don’t plan on posting my food everyday. I just think it’s kind of interesting to see how many calories are actually in each item. What I want to know, is how in the world do people eat NO CARBS!?!?!?! ridiculous.

please excuse the FOUR mini york peppermint patties!!!  I get a crazy sweet tooth after lunch and love those things! SO TASTY!

Apparently I suck at eating healthy fats. Suggestions? Avocados? Almonds? What else people?
Maybe I haven’t found it yet, but there is nowhere that shows how many servings of fruit/veggies I SHOULD eat, and what I DID eat. Obviously I can count, but I like little graphs and pretty charts with numbers.


Now I’m off to read Total Money Makeover, by Dave Ramsey…dundundun


6 thoughts on “really? only 1200

  1. Try folding the bondiband in half before putting it on – makes it a less wide therefore making it look less dorky and slip less. At least that works for me. I have about $30 worth of them too…and if I want to put my hair up in a legit ponytail they are my go-to running headband. For any of the thinner headbands I have to wear a low ponytail to keep the back from riding up.

    Now that I’m not obsessing over miles I’ve considered getting more serious about my food and such, but then I realize that I work at Panera and get loads of free food…counting those calories would make me cry myself to sleep every night. Should probably just stick to lots of running!

  2. You also have to take into consideration the calories you burn! If they want you to net 1200 – and you burn 600 – then that would be 1800 total!

    My favorite way to get fats is with nut butters.. but that is also very calories laden. Fish have good healthy fats in them too!

  3. MFP likes to tell me I should only have 1500 calories/day, and I like to tell it that its full of youknowwhat…so I shoot for 1800-2000 net for the day, because anything less than that and I get major cranky. If you’re a goober about collecting MFP “friends” like I am, come find me, my username is osulori (shocker, right?)

  4. I’m so jealous of your indoor exercise equipment! It was pouring yesterday so I never got to go on my ride!

    Your hair looked super cute on Saturday but I imagine it was a lot of work. For my shorter front pieces I use a sweaty band to keep it back and then bobby pin it in place.

  5. I was also going to suggest folding the Bondi Band in half. That’s what I do. It still stays in place, and I feel like it doesn’t look as silly.

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