it’s june….. yay.

June is here… unbelievable. It’s so cliché, but the older I get, the faster the days go by.

Facts about June:
1. June 1st is the start of Hurricane Season (hiphiphooray)
2. June is National Turkey Lovers Month
3. Desoto claimed Florida for Spain on June 3, 1539
4. Helen Keller was born on June 27th, 1880
and last but not least, my personal favorite:
5. In Iceland, folklore says that if you bathe naked in the morning dew on the morning of June 24, you are supposed to keep aging at bay for longer.


photobombdThis week I managed to run a whopping 23 miles, which is pretty darn good compared to what measly miles I’ve run in the last several weeks.

I think I’m ready to get back into the swing of things; my biggest challenge is definitely going to be the heat. I know it’s inevitable. I either need to suck it up, or take up knitting. I’ll probably just suck it up.

Thursday I headed out for 4 miles, and it was tough. I took a hand held water bottle (which I hate, BTW) – I couldn’t focus on anything but how much I HATE holding a water bottle in my hand. So, I’m on the hunt for a low profile water belt.

Saturday morning I headed out to Starkey to run 10 miles with the group. I haven’t run 10 miles in over a month; I’ll admit I will a little anxious about the combination of humidity & 10 miles. Not because I don’t think I can run the distance – what pace could I maintain? I’ve barely been running the last month, and when I do run it’s kind of a meh effort..

At the 4 mile water stop pretty much everyone turned around except David, Shannon & Claude; we headed out for the last mile. I struggled in the first 4 miles, and I was really hoping that once I took a gel, and hit the turn around, my legs would wake up, and I’d be able to put the hammer down.

That didn’t happen. Let me just say that, while I know my pace is excellent, I wish it would have been a little easier to come by. I struggled with the last 2-3 miles – I fought to keep my pace where I wanted it. I’m sure that fighting for a quicker pace will soon become routine, but I’m not ready for that yet.


Like I’ve said every week for like the last month: I’m going to try, again, to make a schedule and stick with it this week.

Monday: 4mi
Tuesday: 3mi
Wednesday: bike  (chris is brining home a stationary bike tonight!)
Thursday: 4 mi
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rap River Run (5k)  what the heck was I thinking when I signed up for a June 5k =/
Sunday:  10 mi (hopefully I can convince Chris to ride his bike while I run)


4 thoughts on “it’s june….. yay.

  1. That is a pretty good 10 miler considering you haven’t done that distance in quite some time! Actually.. it is fantastic!

    Thanks for the run down of June’s history. I plan on bathing naked on the 24th.. at my second bridal shower! haha

  2. Although you say you were struggling – you certainly didn’t act like it! You rocked it! You’re going to kick a$$ in Nov!

  3. Wonder if there will be any morning dew on the grass come June 24th…do you think left over sprinkler water counts?! 😉

    I think that is a very solid 10 miler, you fought to keep on pace, that is huge. Sure, its not fun but being able to do that and hang on for so long {yes, so long, its your longest run in over a month, even with marathon training coming up 10 miles is long} means something about your mental ability to be a runner. So great job!

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