not even close

jena stretch


Is it possible to train by only doing weekend long runs? I love long runs so much, but I’m hating week day runs – ugh. This week I busted out a total of 15 miles – so much for that 26 miles I had scheduled … I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I originally planned on going up to Croom to run trails tomorrow but I backed out so that’s 7.5 miles I’m not getting. (maybe I’ll run at home…maybe)

I even cut my long run from 10 to 8 miles .. I suck- No one else was doing 10 so I decided 8 would be a better idea. I don’t enjoy doing long runs by myself, and I hate running through Starkey by myself even more. (Last weekend they found a dead guy at one of the campsites! Don’t worry, they “caught” the killer.. it was one of the guys “friends.”  still scary!)

Moving on to today’s long run: Same morning routine: Coffee & Toast then out the door by 5:45 for a 6:30 meet up time at Starkey.

Unfortunately the temperature wasn’t as cool this morning as it was last Saturday, and the humidity was a real treat. It was kind of weird because in some places it felt like you were running into a wall, and in other places the humidity didn’t seem as bad. It was quite strange – it took my breath away when we ran into a wall of humidity, so gross.. I’m definitely not looking forward to marathon training come August.. ugh.

group mile 4
mile 2.X water stop – I’m going to get killed for posting this.

I bought the new KT Tape pro last weekend and decided to test it out today – I quickly discovered that the new KT tape doesn’t split down the middle like the regular tape, which is a problem since I split it to go around my knee.

See the split? Not the best tape job, but it works.

I checked out the instructions for the KT tape PRO and it shows a full support application – I usually use the light support application. Instead of being smart and looking on the KT tape website for a different application I just used the full support..

About 4 miles into the run today my knee started hurting. Not the hurt that happens when something is up w/ my IT band – a different hurt. I think the KT was on to tight, or it was just to much support for my knee so I took it off and finished the run without it. Thankfully I felt no more discomfort.

I’m thinking about transitioning away from the tape all together. I’ve been pretty diligent about stretching my IT band after every run – I’m hoping a loose IT band makes for a happy knee. Now that I’m not training for anything, it seems like a good time to test out tapeless long runs. But if I get any hint of pain I’ll go back to the tape.

Back to the run: I took a power bar gel at mile 4. Somebody in Pasco county parks department was slacking this weekend because the water was warm, and the cooler at the mile 6.X water stop was EMPTY!!!!! I know we probably shouldn’t rely on the water coolers, but it’s rare that they are out of water, and carrying my own stinks. I took a swig of Kim’s gatorade, then proceeded to burp it up for the next 2 miles (gross).

mile 7 jena

It was pretty uneventful until the last mile where Jackie tried to kill me. I was just minding my own business, run a nice fast pace, when Jackie came out of nowhere and blazed by me. DANG! I got stomped on again in the last 1/4 mile. I looked at my watch at one point and it read 6:17.. WHAT?! I checked out the split graph thing on the Garmin Training center and there were some 6’s thrown into that last mile – holy puke worthy fast. image

Just a few seconds slower than last weeks 8 miler.

I’m waiting for the heat to come crashing in and ruin my long runs – It’s coming. It’s just a matter of time, but until then, I’ll continue to almost kill myself for the last few miles of every long run.


Did you race this weekend? Long run?



4 thoughts on “not even close

  1. Holy abs! Id never wear a shirt if I had their stomachs. I realized this weekend what I’ve been missing by running indoor. Heat and humidity! Ugh!!

  2. I’m having major trouble finding the energy to run many weekly miles too. (As I contemplate a fall marathon.) I think your group looks great! And getting in solid long runs is pretty important, which it seems you’re kicking butt at. 😀

  3. Oh wow – thanks for the shout out! I’m giving you a little credit for my super awesome runner mojo that I possessed on Saturday!

    And I’d like to take a second to applaud you for running in humidity! By MidWest standards it really wasn’t unbearable humid for Fargo but my goodness, I was feeling it. My wimpy Colorado self didn’t know what to do with all this sweat that was pouring off my body…I had sweat in my eyes, sweat on my back soaking into my ponytail, sweat on my hands. It was gross. It was overcast and 67-ish, something that gets hoodies pulled out in CO, not a sweatfest!

    Also…just in case you don’t already own one and/or have any desire to own one, Nathan handheld water bottles are on The Clymb right now! I have a Nathan fuel belt but usually end up carrying along a single 10oz bottle {works pretty well, except that sometimes my hand heat makes the water warmer than desires} but I did buy one of the 22oz’ers when I saw them! {}

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