It’s on like donkey kong

group shot mile 2


Last week I had a rough week – I just haven’t been feeling like myself lately, and it kind of came crashing down last week.

I ran a whopping three miles during the week, and contemplated skipping my “long” run on Saturday.

I really just wanted to sit on the couch and pout…and watch Netflix, and pout some more. After Chris got home on Friday night I felt a little better, and decided that I would head out to Starkey Park to run w/ the group.

I decided on Friday night that I wanted to run hard on Saturday – I had some frustration that I wanted to get out and running hard was the best way I could think of to pound out my stress.

I started out the run with a big group of Strider friends, and eventually ended up running w/ Chris & Scott .. which proved to be a mistake fun. One of the reasons I love running w/ the group so much is because of the friendly competition – I didn’t used to be apart of this competition; I just sat back and watched ( and laughed) at the constant jabbing that would come from Chris & Jackie over who is faster… then at the St.Pete RnR 1/2 I accidently ran a 1:47, and somehow I was dragged into the competition.. It’s fun, and hilarious…

Back to Saturday: Somewhere after mile 2 we sped up the pace and separated from the main group – I was feeling pretty comfortable with the pace that we were keeping and I was enjoying the run. The running gods blessed us with a cool(er) morning on Saturday – the temps were in the mid 60’s and the humidity was low.

At mile 4 we stopped for water, I took a gel, and then we headed back in for the final 4 miles. I knew that I wanted to try to run the final 4 miles faster than the first 4 miles.. Apparently Chris had the same idea because I felt like we were racing the final 4 miles.

I’d be lying if I said that these paces felt easy – I was struggling a little but dangit I couldn’t give up. Chris kept pulling ahead of me (Tara and Scott flat out passed me) and that was all the motivation I needed to run harder.

Somewhere around mile 6.5 Chris dropped back and told me I had him …. I got cocky. I slowed down a little bit – he was killing me with the pace we were keeping and I was glad for the break..

THEN – at mile 7.5 he blew past me.. I mean, he didn’t just beat me, he smoked me. Not by a little, by a lot. He was probably behind me laughing the whole time – he was back there building up his energy and I was busting my ass to stay ahead of him.. ugh. \

that’s okay .. it’s game on now.. Smile with tongue out

image and yes. I had to create this little splits chart on excel because my computer is still broken and I can’t get the Garmin drivers to load onto Chris’ computer.. I haven’t uploaded a run in weeks. I don’t even know how many miles I ran in April or what I’m at so far for May (not much, I can tell ya that).

OH, BTW, running buddy Chris is not my husband Chris.. two different people..

My avg pace was 7:58 !!! My first sub 8 long run, which was/is very exciting for me!

I love long runs – I wish I could just skip all the weekday runs and long run only. Sometimes weekday runs are just so mundane, and pointless…. but I really do need to get back to getting some weekday miles in –

Okay. This is me making a schedule for this week: Maybe making a schedule will give me something to look forward to again?

Monday: okay, let’s start the plan on Tuesday
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 8 easy
Sunday: 7.5 trail run in Croom
Total: 26 miles …. lol, this laughable considering the last two weeks I’ve run a total of 22 miles


6 thoughts on “It’s on like donkey kong

  1. I was JUST thinking about you wondering how you were doing! Glad you posted this!

    Sorry you’ve been having a tough week! But I am glad you got out there and ran.. sometimes I feel like running is the best medicine (as cliche as it sounds..)

    And those splits are freaking awesome! Sub-8 long run? AMAZING!

  2. Awesome long run! I’m in awe that you can run that fast in Florida. I’m already starting to feel the heat dragging my pace down up here in GA. Boo, summer.

    • well, it was relatively cool Saturday morning. I think mid 60’s and the humidity was low(er).. Believe me, that heat will start setting in and i’ll be lucky if I can maintain a 9 min mile. I didn’t run much last summer since I was injured, so i’m actually not sure what I’m going to be able to do this summer. I might just hide out and run on the treadmill.

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