We’re HERE !!



Thursday morning started bright & early – Jenny & I planned on meeting at my Mom’s house around 8:15, so we could leave for the airport at 8:30.

This meant that I had to get up at 4:30, and leave by 7. No, it doesn’t take me THAT long to get ready, but on days when we know the puppies will be in their crates for an extended period of time, we try to wake up extra early and let them have some extra time out of their crates and a few extra trips outside. (I’ve heard dogs don’t know how long they’ve been in their crate, but even if they don’t I always feel guilty when they have to stay in there longer than normal).

My Mom dropped us off at the airport curb around 9:15, and we were officially on our way to Washington, D.C. – first stop was to check our bags – what a dang rip off to have to pay $25 to check a bag, yuck. After forking over my credit card, Jenny & I headed to security – We were lucky enough to get brought into the employee line, which meant no nakey scanners this time !!

At 11 we boarded our plane – We arrived in DC 20 minutes earlier than scheduled at 1:20 !!!!


After what seemed like a super long walk, we made it to the Dollar Car shuttle that would take us to the rental car place. $139 in extra fees later we finally loaded everything up into our Nissan Altima and hit the road for Arlington.

DC arrive
We were really THAT excited!
We’ve been planning this trip for about 2.5 months!


DSCN1702-1Our plans for Thursday included seeing the National Police Memorial Wall, Georgetown Cupcakes, and meeting up with Karen for dinner.

After we checked into our hotel (Hyatt in Arlington) we walked across the street to the Rosslyn Metro (wow.that thing is crazy).

We took it over to DC to the National Police Memorial Wall. Jenny wanted to get a few etchings of some Officers who have been killed in the line of duty over the last few years. It’s so crazy how peaceful the Memorial was – It’s literally at the top of the escalator for one of the metro stops, yet it was so tranquil there – It was really lovely. We were able to find 3 of the Officers – unfortunately, two of the names we were looking for won’t be unveiled until May


One of the lions at the entrance to the Memorial – it’s okay to be jealous of my picture taking skills with a timer …..

Next up was Georgetown Cupcakes, which required us to get back on the metro and take it over to the Foggy Bottom –GWU stop + a 1 mile walk. whew. I didn’t wear good walking shoes, which I did not discover until we were headed back to the metro from GT Cupcakes… lesson learned. don’t bother wearing anything other than running shoes. to much walking.

We hurried back over to Arlington so that we could meet up with Karen for dinner at a delicious Mexican joint called, Quajillo Grill – This place was just up the hill from our hotel on Wilson Blvd in Arlington. Man OH Man, the food was good. They brought us some chips & salsa – I just ate chips, the salsa was a little to spicy for me. I also got a mango mojito, and a chicken burrito. None of which I took pictures of, because let’s be honest – You don’t need pictures of every meal I ate. You’d probably be disgusted by the amount of food, and you’d probably quit reading, and then you would wonder how come I don’t weigh 500lbs.

again w/ my awesome self-timer picture taking skillzzz



Friday morning we woke up sort of early so that we could run a few miles around The Mall – After looking at several maps we couldn’t quite figure out how to get from our hotel to The Mall without running on what looked like a major road; we took the metro from Rosslyn to Arlington National Cemetery (one stop) and then started our run near the cemetery.

(you’re welcome for that picture)





We had plans to run about 6 miles and see as many of the monuments as we could during that 6 miles.


Well, 6 miles turned into 8 (1:14:30), which left us getting back to the hotel later than we anticipated, but it worked out well since we saw all the major monuments that were on our list.

Don’t mind that little loop at the end before we went back over the bridge – We apparently missed a turn to go back up to the bridge – we ended up having to run past the bridge, up a grassy hill then back towards the bridge.


Collages are the best way to add a lot of pictures with out having a picture overload (imo).

DC Collage 1

I’m trying hard not to drag this out – Our days were jam packed full of stuff, and I’m sure you’d be bored to death if I went into detail about every single thing.

In addition to seeing all the Monuments, we also decided we wanted to see three museums.
National Museum of American History
Holocaust Museum &
Crime & Punishment Museum

We managed to fit it all in.


plus a stop at a food truck for lunch.

The only pictures I have from the museums are the ones I took on my phone w/ Instagram – I left my camera card in my computer in the room (like an idiot) so I wasn’t able to take any pictures w/ my Nikon.

DC Collage 2

After a really long day of running & walking, we headed back to Arlington to pick up the car for a 2hr (turned 4hr) drive to Newport News, VA.

More about NPN tomorrow!

a flag display in the Museum of American History


9 thoughts on “We’re HERE !!

  1. Looks like so much fun! You sure did a lot of things!!
    I know what you mean about the crates! Justin and I went back out a couple Fridays ago after work and didn’t get home until after midnight and all I could think about what how Colby was in the crate all day.. had a small break.. and then got thrown right back in there for basically another work day!!!

    • Running around the monuments was probably the only way we were going to get to see everything plus all the museums! It was fun!

  2. Self timers are the best except for when you really need them and cant find anywhere to sit the camera 🙂 I agree about your geniousness. I need to make that a “todo” on a vacation one day. That would be great.

    And Im so sorry I never responded to your tweet a few weeks ago. I just saw it today!

  3. It was great to meet you both! That is a lot to do in a short time. Glad you had a good visit to DC! You’ll have to come back for s longer visit sometime.

  4. Looks like you had a ton of fun and really got to see a lot! DC is one of those places that are definitely on my list of places to see – just because there is so much history there! Running through the monuments sounds really cool!

    • It was a blast! Running around the monuments was probably the only way we were going to get to see everything. It took us a few hours vs. the entire day.

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