let’s call it a wash, and start over next week

Oh MY, my runs this week have been something else.

Thursday was supposed to be a 6 mile tempo run. I’m really good at doing the warm up & the first mile, after that it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. 

Yesterday the smoke in the air was awful. My lungs were not happy. I know I can maintain a 7:XX pace for 4 miles, but it wasn’t happening yesterday. image

Fire in Jacksonville blowing smoke all over the state. Isn’t that delightful?

I had to stop a few times on my run to catch my breath. Even slowing down my pace didn’t help, I had to stop, bend over, and catch my breath. It was really rather pathetic.

My iPod was also dead, so that made my run even more fun; hearing myself struggle to breath, and listening to my heart beat so hard it wanted to jump out of my chest. yah. fun times.

I’m so over this week. I really hope Saturday’s 10 miler is more successful. I have plans to run a nice and strong pace  – Let’s hope the wind quits blowing, and the smoke goes away.

Oh, speaking of wind blowing – I had a really super headwind on the way back in on Thursday.. Seriously, this just isn’t my week.  /wah

Gotta be mentally tough. That’s what I need to work on this summer. Not everyone run, or every week is going to be a fun and successful week. That doesn’t mean I’m not capable – just having an off week (I hope).


And now, because I’ve been such a whiney peach all week: I’ll leave you with a few things that made me laugh:


Lookin’ at you snowbird.






Have you seen this tumblr : Texts from Hilary

I’m not a Hilary Clinton fan, but this site had me laughing for a couple of minutes – check it out, it’s pretty funny.





Happy Friday


3 thoughts on “let’s call it a wash, and start over next week

  1. Hey, you got out there and ran! The smoke can really do you in. Good luck on Saturday!

    And yes, I absolutely HATE it when people ignore the “lane closed ahead” signs for miles and then expect to get let in. Um. No. I’m that crazy person that literally hugs the bumper in front of me while giving the idiot driver the stink eye…

    • Ha ha ha! I’m also the crazy person that won’t let someone sneak in..then i proceed to yell at them (with the windows rolled up of course).

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