stop or not


This morning started around 4:45 with a cup of coffee + 2 english muffins w/ grape jelly for breakfast & one episode of Lipstick Jungle on Hulu.

Jenny met me at Starkey Park and we headed out for our 12 mile run. We didn’t talk about a plan, we just said we’d try to keep it between 8:20 – 8:30.

We stopped for water at 2.X, 4.X, 7.5 & 9.6. I took one gel on this run – Usually for 11+ miles I take 2, but I had a cramp after I took the first gel so I skipped the 2nd one in hopes that the cramp would go away.. it did…eventually. 

I’m going to read up on fueling methods/opinions. I think maybe I’m over doing it. Definitely need to figure out the fueling situation before training for the Space Coast marathon starts.

(I probably, at some point, should tell you about that.. maybe later. )


I felt really great when we turned around and headed back in for our final 6 miles. We chatted some on the way out, but on the way back in I put in my headphones and rocked out.

I felt really “in the zone” during this run. I felt focused, and strong. I’ve mentioned before (and I’d link to the post, except it got lost in the blog transition) that I like to focus on something in front of me while I run. I just stare at it, until I’ve gotten to close then I change my focus to something else. This really, really works for me. It allows me to totally space out and just run – I stop looking at my watch every 20 seconds, it helps me to relax, and focus on the task at hand.

Maybe running in the heat is paying off? Or maybe the sorta-kinda speed work I’ve done is working? Or maybe the weather was just perfect?

Mile 7 …. apparently I didn’t stop my watch. Then, when we took off again, I hit “start” which was actually “stop.” It was about 1/4 mile before I realized that my watch wasn’t running. annoying.

… yes, I stop my watch at water stops. this annoys some people. not me.


can I get 3 cheers for the last 3 miles being sub-8 ? that is exciting !!


IF you stop for water / stretch breaks on a long run (or short run) do you stop your watch?

Do you think stopping mid long run hurts you on race day?
I don’t – I mean, I don’t think stopping for 10 minutes is the best idea – but a brief water / stretch break is fine in my book.

In other news:
David gave me my marathon training plan today.
training plan starts on July 9th.
I (we) will find out my goal times in June or July, or whenever David feels like telling me.

FTR: I asked him what he thought I was capable of. Obviously I can make my own goals, but I’d like the opinion of someone who has a clue what they are doing (since I do not).

Thoughts on the marathon:

in other, other news:

jenny & I will be in DC in 11 days !!


7 thoughts on “stop or not

  1. Strong run!! I like how you picked it up a little at the end, I like to do that with my long runs as well sometimes too.

  2. I stop during long runs a couple of times (bathroom, refuel, etc) and I stop my watch. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I never stop my watch during races, though, and I usually don’t stop for refuel breaks (and if I do, I keep walking), and I turned auto pause off.

    Oh! I start a new job next week. An early morning run is probably out, but I could do dinner … Thursday was it? I will be near Union Station and can get anywhere downtown pretty quickly.

    • Congrats on the new job!! We fly in thursday the 19th- we are definitely down for dinner. We don’t have any idea about dinner yet- our only plans
      For Thursday are Georgetown cupcakes (total tourists) and going to the Police Memorial.

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