A weekend recap + some

This is how my blog makes me feel right now:

(not my best face)


It’s 12:27am, and I’m awake. This is not normal, or good. I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 and apparently that was a bad idea. Now I’m wide ass awake. I tried playing some white noise, I tried playing some sleep station thing on Pandora. Now I’m about to drink some chamomile tea and hope that knocks me out. If that doesn’t work… I might have to resort to taking Nyquil, or some other med that will knock me out.

Last weekend my niece, Kailyn, turned 8!! I can’t believe she is already 8, but she is, and we had a fun birthday party to celebrate. A few months ago my sister told me that Kailyn wanted to have a cooking party for her birthday. The cooking party was transformed into a cake decorating party, and then the planning began. I won’t bore you will a billion details, bc you don’t come here to read about 8 y/o birthday parties, but it was a really fun idea, and the kids had a great time.

The birthday girl decorating her cake – Each girl got their own 5” cake to decorate

Birthday Girl & Aunt Jena ! —-  It was fun, but we are done!

I didn’t run at all Friday, Saturday or Sunday – what a slacker. I planned on running Saturday, but after staying up until 1am making buttercream icing for Kailyn’s party I ditched running, slept in a little, and then headed to Stacey’s house to start decorating for the party.

On Sunday, Chris & I packed a cooler with some drinks & snacks and headed for Honeymoon Island. We didn’t end up leaving our house until 1pm, and by then the main road to HMI was packed. We ended up pulling off the causeway and hung out there. It worked out pretty well, I heard from a friend that the beach was super crowded and there was no parking.


We might not have made it to the actual beach, but I still had my toes in the water & my ass in the sand.


On Monday it was back to the grinding stone. I was all sorts of aggravated at my blog on Monday afternoon so I set out around 7pm for 5 miles.

I wanted to run fast.

so I did. I only almost puked once. It was hot. I was definitely pushing it. but it felt so good.



Tuesday I wanted to get in a few more miles, so I settled on 6 miles. I headed out around 6:30 – My legs felt tired, and I was really dreading the 6 miles, but I pushed on.

I’m really trying to build up my mental toughness – I’ve had a few runs recently where I wanted to do anything but go run. I imagine that’s how I will feel at mile 20 of the Space Coast Marathon come November 25th. I’m hoping that if I train smart (and hard) through the summer, that come race day, I’ll be physically & mentally prepared to tackle 26.2 miles no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Back to my run: At 5 miles, I realized that if I went out a little bit further, I could get 8 miles done. Sure. Why not. 8 miles after work? Sounds like a grand idea. The miles slogged on. I think it might have been the slowest 8 miles I’ve run in a long time – it just kept dragging, and dragging. Then when I reached my driveway and my garmin said 8.22, I ran to the end of the road, because seriously, who can end on 8.22 … I need a solid 8.25 on the ol’ garmin.


It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done.


On deck for the rest of this week:

Wednesday: 4 very easy miles
Thursday: Rest day – Chris friend is in town, and we are going out to dinner
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday 12 miles
Sunday: 3 easy, or rest. We’ll see.
Total (if all goes well): 35 ..    I’ll be shocked if this happens. 30 seems to be an impenetrable barrier I can’t get past.

and with that, I’m going to attempt to go to sleep.

Wednesday is going to require lots of coffee

look out world.


18 thoughts on “A weekend recap + some

  1. Yeah…I’ve had a few days in the past week where I crash at about 5pm then wake up at 8pm only to stay up until 2am – which totally screws with the next day and causes a horrible cycle. I can not wait until I get my normal work shifts back…next week!

    I do the same thing with runs – if I can stop on a “nice number” it makes me happier. Sometimes its the distance, sometimes its sprinting out at the end to get an average pace I like…and then sometimes it just making it back home without crawling! 😉

  2. Wait.. falling asleep at 9:30 is a bad idea? Um.. what about someone who is asleep BEFORE 9:30. every.single.weeknight. (and an occasional friday, too). Wow I am grandma.

    Your runs looks great and i LOVE that birthday party idea.. I think it would be difficult for adults but any child would LOVE it! 🙂

    Glad you’ve made the move easily back to wordpress! 🙂

    • The only thing wrong w/ falling asleep that early is that i was on the couch, and had to move to my bed. IT was like a power nap – I was wide awake once I got in bed. not cool

    • a password? Or one of those word recognition things? I have to approve everyones first comment – but I think after the first comment you should be good.

  3. Hey Jena; I found you! Things are looking good around the blog. 🙂 Fun birthday stuff; i want me one of those cakes. Yum! Those are some serious runs for weeknights too. What made you choose Space Coast? It’s exciting to see a marathon in your future. I know you are going to do awesome with all these 1/2’s under your belt!

    • ugh, this blog transition has been way annoying and frustrating for sure! Glad you found me!

      We chose space coast because it falls into our time frame. I’m running it with Jenny & we had to do one that was either in October/November. The full marathons in October would probably be miserable bc of the weather – November will probably still be miserable, but at least there is a small chance that it could be cool. It’s a flat course, so that’s always a plus. My aunt also live in Cocoa so we won’t have to get a hotel, which is also a nice money saver!

      • Good choice! The boyfriend ran the Space Coast last Novemeber and it was great! This was in my infant days of running so I was only there for support. Really cool location, and a nice run from what I could tell. I think I enjoyed it as much as he did.
        The birthday party idea is awesome! I have a neice who will be turning 5 this year – maybe a little young, but a good idea to keep for a couple more years! 🙂

      • I’ve heard the race is great – A few people from the group I run w/ ran it last year.

        I was just reading your blog, and saw you did the Brandon 5k, I did the half! You should check out the Florida Beach Series for some really great (local) half marathons.. Well, I’m assuming you are local since you ran Gasp, Brandon, and are planning on doing the Women’s.

  4. Ahhh!! You’re doing Space Coast?!!? You’re going to L-O-V-E it! I plan on doing the half this year, but I had an incredible experience during the full last year. The space themed water stops are the BEST, the medal is awesome, the course is beautiful, and you even get a beach towel! Good luck, it will be an incredible, indescribable experience that will change you forever 🙂

    • Ah LAURA! I’m terrified! I heard quite a few people are doing the half, and I know a few people are talking about doing the full (from the Striders).

  5. I love the cake idea! Fun!

    I hope you finally got to bed.

    I struggle the most with my mental game when it comes to running. Since your marathon is not until Nov definitely make sure to focus on that, and especially visualzing the course. Think about it a lot. It really helps! 🙂 And a mantra helps me. Do you have one for running?

    (of course, I say all this like I am some good runer. I am actually pretty slow)

    • I don’t have any mantra’s – I don’t know what I think about when i’m struggling – probably how much it sucks. 😉

      Fast does not = good runner. Slow doesn’t = bad runner !! You are out there doing it, and thats what matters the most!

  6. Hope you finally got some sleep!

    I don’t know what’s going on with your blog either, but it keeps putting all your old posts into my Google Reader feed- tonight there were 400 posts! Gotta love technology. 🙂

    • Ugh, sorry! That should be the last time it does that. I had to import all my posts from my old blog onto the new blog, and for whatever reason Reader sends them out to everyone. I’m sure there are 30 other people that are annoyed by that situation as well. I HOPE I have all the kinks worked out. if not, i quit.

  7. AAACK love the new look of your blog!

    Love your photo at the top (both the header and the one of just you.) Very cute!

    Sorry that it’s been such an annoying process. I’ve been contemplating making a switch to wordpress as well.

  8. Pingback: let’s call it a wash, and start over next week | Life is Beachy Keen

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