the proof


It occurred to me the other night that I didn’t post my splits, from the Florida Beach Halfathon – I know some people are totally uninterested in what I ran each mile in. It’s really not that interesting, but I always enjoy looking at other people’s splits.

I’m a little hesitant to post them for this race though: I kind of feel like, if I post them, then my race recap makes me look like a big whiner..which I am, I don’t deny that, because I am a whiner, but that doesn’t mean that my race wasn’t as hard as I said it was.

I never said that I had a slow race; I said that I had a hard race, and that I didn’t feel great.


There they are, in all their glory. The splits aren’t bad, but they weren’t what I was aiming for at all.

Oh well. As I said before, I don’t care.

picture time

if this face doesn’t say, “I’m over it” then I don’t know what does.

and please take note of my KT tape falling off.again.

Thanks to Tony for these gems:

I chased that lady in the pink sports bra for 13 miles. When we were in the parking lot headed for the finish line I finally caught her. I said, “I’ve been chasing you for 13 miles, don’t slow down now”  She said that her 50 yr old hip was bothering her. 50 y/o and rockin’ the sports bra & spandex shorts..she’s my hero!


after I finished I got my medals and headed back out to find jenny. we were laughing about how ridiculous our day had been – we kept saying, “this is it, it’s over. we are done. thank goodness.”


My race pictures always crack me up. I am so serious when I run – most of the time. There is the occasional picture of me cracking a smile, or fist pumping, or waving my hands in the air, but most of the time I have a dirty scowl on my face.

Women’s Half 2011

Florida Beach Half 2011
Holiday Half 2011


That’s all I can find right now – I don’t feel like digging for race pictures anymore.


Do you “pose” for pictures when you see the race photographer, or do you pretend they don’t exist and keep on w/ your cranky face?

Obviously I do both. It really depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

6 thoughts on “the proof

  1. You’re splits are my long-term goal; however, a sucky race with your splits is obviously not any runner’s goal. Way to rock it out while dealing with the pain. As I always tell myself when I’m hurting: Pain is temporary, victory is forever. Your victory will continue! Can’t wait to see you at the Halloween Halfathon!

    • Keep working hard, and putting the miles in !! Lowering your pace is definitely achievable! Do you read Jenny’s blog? She had a really amazing season, and lowered her half time by 6 minutes this season. It came be done with hard work and lots of sweat 😉 Good Luck @ Iron Girl in a few weeks! We will be in DC, so we won’t be there. Stay hydrated, more than likely it’s gonna be a hot day (it was last year). If you don’t like the Gu’s, try a few different things between now & then. I really like the green apple powerbar gel because they are really thin unlike the gu which is thick. The green apple hammer gel is also thin, but i think that was the cause of some cramping earlier this season. If you don’t mind chewing you could give the shot blox a try – Quite a few people I run w/ like those.. i can’t do them, the chewing and running doesn’t work for me. Don’t try anything new on race day, make sure you get in a few long runs where you can try some new fuels prior to race day!! Good Luck out there, girl!

  2. Those are some good splits! But I know just because splits are good doesn’t mean it felt like a good race!

    I love your seriousness. In my (lack of) race experience, I seem to do a great job finding the camera and looking pretty stupid. I should just keep running when I spot cameras. Thumbs up in every single picture with a stupid grin… is not cool.

    • I feel like kind of a jerk, bc my race time was pretty good – but I also feel like I worked pretty hard this season at bringing my pace down (okay, so i didn’t do speed workouts, but I busted my butt on weekend long runs) and i think the 1:48 while feeling like ick kind of shows that i actually did work hard this season. — I used to do stupid faces & thumbs up for every pictures …and if i posted all of the pictures from RnR, you’d see proof of this.. but sometimes it takes all I have to finish the race, and throwing out a smile or a thumbs up is just to much work. lol

  3. I don’t htink I properly congratulated you in your last post, but you did an awesome job! I don’t know how you do so well the heat and humidity.

    You take great race pictures as well. That’s a big talent in itself.

    • Thanks 🙂 You build the heat up to be really super duper bad, whine about it for days, and then when race day comes- it’s not AS bad as you made it out to be and you suffer through it. LOL.. No, I don’t know. I seem to be a freak of nature lately when it comes to running in the heat. I really am not sure how I pulled out a 1:15 at Gasparilla – that heat was so disgusting. This weekend wasn’t THAT hot – Once again the trail we ran on had no shade, so that made it seem worse.

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