a farkvel?


Well y’all, summer has arrived – not technically, but that skank is peaking her head and making her presence known.

I’m trying to prepare myself for the heat. Trying to remind myself that my pace is going to slow down during the summer. It’s inevitable, there is nothing I can do about it.

It stinks – I’ve worked sort of hard this “winter” to drop my pace down, and now that stinky summer skank is going to come in and ruin all my hard work.


Despite the heat I was feeling good when I headed out for my 5 miles. — Monday’s run was successful – as in, I got 5 miles done, but that’s about it successful. My calves were pissed from wearing wedges for hours on Sunday night @ my cousins wedding.

I wanted Tuesday’s run to have some meaning – to feel hard, but good at the same time. Is this possible?

I decided I would do a 1 mile warm up, and then a farklet workout from there. As the one mile warm up was ending I was thinking that a farklet didn’t sound like much fun – I needed something more structured. I hit the lap button (which I didn’t need to do.. my first splits look wonky bc I’m an idiot) and took off. I decided I’d just run until I wanted to stop – which is a farklet..

I ran 2:25, which is .35mile .. then I recovered at a slower pace for another 2:25 – this is where the interval was born – or the farkvel.

I stayed with those 2:25 intervals – It seemed like a good workout. Long enough that I was ready for it to be over, but short enough that I didn’t actually fall on the ground and die at the end of each hard farkvel.


I have no idea if those paces are “good” or not. Anyone? Yes? No? faster?

By the 11th, or 9th (if you don’t count the mile warm up) interval I was over it and decided to call it a day. I did a easy(er) pace for the rest of my run back to the house.

My quads were burning, & I felt successful. 

Wednesday is a rest day, then thursday & friday I’ll do some easy 3 milers.

Did you see Venus & Jupiter Tuesday night?

My Dad & I were driving home from dinner and I said, “do you see those two bright lights over there? What is that?”

My Dad told me they were stars, but they were SOO bright I couldn’t believe they were stars.

He then proceeded to make fun of me and say, “What do you think they are? A plane towing another plane?

Well… you just never know.

image from National Geographic website

Then just a little while ago on facebook someone posted about seeing Venus & Jupiter, and after a google search I discovered that I did, in fact, see Venus & Mars!

How cool!

According to this article on National Geographic, it will be able to be seen best on Thursday, which is crazy, because they were shining so bright tonight!

If you’re a real space geek, here is another article on the conjunction of Venus & Jupiter.

If I remember on Thursday, I want to try & take some pictures! Everyone should take pictures from where they are at and then we can post them and check out the different views!!
{geek alert!}

If you want to e-mail me your pictures I’ll post them. LIBKJENA @ yahoo {dot} com


5 thoughts on “a farkvel?

  1. Those looks like some good splits to me. I’ve only ever done interval training outdoors two times… and I don’t recall what my paces were.. but somewhere around 7 min/mile, I believe!!

    It’s funny you are hating that summer is arriving in FL and I am THRILLED spring is sprouting early up here! At least you don’t have hills to climb in the FL heat!!!

  2. Farkvel? I love that. The best attributes of both workouts in one.
    The pace is kind of hard to interpret since it’s not a standard distance. The way you described it sounds like it was sufficiently difficult.

    Hope we have clear skies on Thursday. We’ll do some star planet gazing here too.

  3. I was driving last night and thought of you when I saw the glowing planets…and I tried to take pictures but yeah, no dice. Its just a black sky. Dumb cheap-o camera!

    And I think a farkvel is the way to go…I don’t exactly like either so if I take a bit of each it all gets better, right?!

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