Fact: It’s Tuesday


I’m feeling good about this week – Maybe it’s because I don’t have a race coming up this weekend? I love racing, but 2 weekends in a row was a little tough. It would probably be easier if the races were actually local to me instead of an hour+ away. Traveling for races is a little exhausting.

Never give up

Last week I had more crappy runs than I had good runs. I hate it when that happens. I’m chalking it up to tired legs from the 5k + 6 on Sunday.

Monday: 4mi, 36:13, 9:04 (blistering hot day)
Tuesday: 5mi, 44:24, 8:52 (blistering hot day)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 5mi tempo, 42:08, 8:25 (temps starting to drop)
Friday: rest/expo in tampa
Saturday: Gasparilla 15k 1:15:34, 8:04
Gasparilla 5k, 50:03
Sunday: rest – long dog walk

grand total: 26.6 miles

work it out

Moving on to this week:

Monday: 5mi
Tuesday: 5mi
Wednesday: xtrain (yoga?)
Thursday: 4mi (interval?)
Friday: 3mi
Saturday: 11mi w/ Jennykins
Sunday: rest

grand total: 28 miles


Since today is Tuesday, I’ve already done Monday’s run. It wasn’t all rainbows & butterflies like I was hoping it would be. The temperature was cooler last night, but that didn’t make the run suck any less. The first mile was fine, did a slow(er) warm up, 9:07. The 2nd mile was great! I though, “Ooo, maybe I’ll turn this into a tempo run, that would be fun.” 8:01 … and that was pretty much it for the fun factor. The wheels fell of shortly after and I was struggling to keep it under 8:30. 8:28, 8:30, 8:52. womp womp

Oh well. Today I’ll just run whatever feels comfortable and turn Thursday’s run into an interval workout. (yikes!)

I’ll leave you with these gems from Marathonfoto

those are awesome. {sarcasm}


4 thoughts on “Fact: It’s Tuesday

  1. I never plan ahead what my weeks will look like. I have in my head the mileage I want to reach and what it will take to get there, but thats as far as I get. For some reason when I think about writing it down I always think about it monthly. DUH!! I can do weekly.

    I think those pics are fine.

  2. That is one thing that scares me about focusing more on speed AND longer distances – the amazing first few miles then the slow, agonizing death. It scares me and I’m being a big wimp about it! I’m learning that I really like long, comfortable runs and if I am forced to do speed work I like it quick and short!

    I think your week looks great – especially considering the heat. It got up to 70 today…I don’t know what to do with myself when it is 70* in March! Crazy!

  3. That’s a strong week – almost 30 miles! The heat sounds great right now, but I know it stinks to run when it’s hot/sticky. Hope your Tuesday run went well & the intervals go awesome on Thursday!

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