Summer, is that you?

I’m trying really hard not to focus on the fact that the weather this weekend is going to be absolutely miserable.

Gasparilla 2010  I was a new runner at that time, and clearly I had no idea how to dress. I’d probably wear shorts & compression sleeves if I could go back to that day. According to my recap it was 41 at race start. Definitely would have worn shorts. What was I thinking wear tights?

Gasparilla 2011 – the race started with a yellow flag warning. I still had a pretty decent race despite the heat.

and this year…. who knows what will happen.
Hopefully the clock will say 1:14:XX – Hm, I just pace calculated that.. that’s an 8:02 pace. that sounds scary.



After work I came home and attempted to put music on my MP3 player. 45 minutes & one piece of toast later I still didn’t have any music on my MP3 player so I threw the MP3 player out the window and headed out for my run, music-less, again.

I’m pretty sure someone tied bricks to the bottom of my shoes. My legs were so heavy it was all I could do to move one foot in front of the other. I really hope that these last two runs are not indicative of what is going to happen on Saturday.

5 miles, 44:23 ugh

I had planned on running on Wednesday, but I think I’m going to do yoga, or rest, or something besides running. I think my legs are just worn out. Plus, it was approximately 80* when I set out for my run.


It’s going to be a long summer. I don’t think summer really ever left, it’s just been hiding and comes out to play every so often. stupid jerk.

Earlier, while I was heat stroking on my 5 mile run,  I was thinking that I should go north during the winter because then I’d have an actual cool season to run in. But then what happens when I come back to Florida during the summer? It’s hot as hell. I just can’t win. Maybe I should live in a different 

If I could move anywhere, where should I go? What state/country has the best running climate? (preferably flat, ha)


11 thoughts on “Summer, is that you?

  1. Move to Colorado…the weather is pretty great here! Sure, we get snow but it doesn’t stay cold long. Oh, but we do have hills – lots of hills. Maybe Arizona? Dry heat is where its at. I thought people were crazy until I went from the humid midwest to dry heat Colorado…huge difference!

  2. Ohio! Especially with the winter (or lack thereof) we’re having this year…its in the mid 60’s and raining right now 😉 Central Ohio is fairly flat, and the hot/humid season doesn’t last as long as it does in FL.

  3. Ugh – I keep hearing how muggy/hot it’s going to be for Gasparilla this weekend, which is crazy because it was pretty mild when I was down in Tampa last week. Gotta love the unpredictable Florida weather.

    This winter has been extremely mild in D.C. this year, which has kept my training on track. In fact, I kind of enjoy running around in tights and long-sleeve shirts… (Whoa, did this Floridian just say that?!)

    • Are you running Gasprilla this weekend? Saturday is supposed to suck, but Sunday the high is only 69, so that’s not fabulous, but much better than the 82 high on Saturday. Ohh florida.

      • I’m not running Gasparilla this weekend… hopefully next year! Looks like the 15Kers are going to have a tough time while the half marathoners will have slightly better conditions.

        I’ll be back down in Florida to run the Iron Girl half in late April. I can only imagine what the temps will be then…

  4. I’m in Tampa too, and I definitely can’t deal with all the heat that hangs around a lot more than the cool. It’s so deceiving to be running for such a short period of time before breaking a dripping sweat. I’m running Gasparilla Beck’s Light Challenge this weekend and am a newbie runner in that I’ve only run a few half marathons…and they’ve all been cool. I’m nervous for the not so cool. What is a yellow flag? And what are the temps for this weekend?

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