Race Recap: Take Stock in Children 5k


I am feeling very …. well, nothing.. I feel nothing but annoyed by this 5k performance. The whole thing was just very mediocre. I kind of gave up towards the end, and that feeling pretty much sucks.

I stayed over at Jenny’s house Saturday night since the race was down in Lakewood Ranch. That’s about 2hrs from my house, and 30 minutes from hers. I got up around 4:30, ate some toast, drank some coffee and we were headed out the door by 6:00.

Jenny ran the 10k, and that started at 7:30ish. We did a few warm up laps, used the bathroom a countless amount of times and then wandered around trying to find the starting line. The set up of this race was a little bizarre, but it worked… i guess. Everyone lined up in one place, they sang the national anthem, and then walked everyone around the corner to the start line. It was a little confusing.. why didn’t they just start the race where everyone was lined up to begin with?

I did another lap or two for a warm up and then lined up … in a pack of kids. This race benefited the local school district (or something) and there were a million kids running around. I don’t expect little kids to know race etiquette but I would at least expect their parents to have a little control and make them move off the start line.  Thankfully the one of the guys running the race announced that he wouldn’t start the race until all the kids were towards the back. Some listened. some didn’t.

the race started, and I knew right off the bat that this was going to suck.

 I put my earphones in, turned on my MP3 player and…nothing. No music. I had plugged it into Jenny’s computer the night before to charge it and apparently that deleted all the music off. great.  — I have no problem running w/ out music. I run pretty often at home without music, but a 5k race? Where I was trying to PR? I needed music to avoid me from the suck that was bound to happen.

I know better than to go out to fast in the first mile. so I didn’t. but even the “not to fast” pace hurt. I was sucking air, and struggling before the first mile was even up. terrific. I played leapfrog with a 10 year old for about 3/4 mile before he finally gave in & I passed him. (He actually finished about 20 seconds behind me.) dang kids. 7:27

The 2nd mile wasn’t any easier. I tried to bring my pace down, but it just wasn’t happening. I was struggling to stay under a 7:30, and the 7:10 that I wanted really wasn’t happening. I pretty much gave up during this mile and just tried to keep moving. 7:24


This must have been the longest 5k of my life. I actually contemplated stopping and just walking. That would have been so much easier. My stomach felt empty, but full of air..if that even makes any sense. It was horrible.  — the temperature were cool(er) but it was still pretty humid. There was a headwind on the way out, but now the wind was behind us, and that made it even hotter. I let myself slow down in this mile. I made a conscious effort to slow down.  —- Looking back, that decision totally pisses me off. If I had just kept trucking along I could have gotten the result I wanted. 7:26

I crossed the finish line in 23:02. Is it a decent time? yes. Is it a PR? yes. Is it a time I’m happy with? No

 I know it’s silly to be upset over a PR.. but I think by now, you know me. You know I get upset over these things. I wanted a 22:XX and it just didn’t work out.

Jenny also had a super race, but i’ll let her tell you about that…  

It was forever + a day before the awards ceremony started. I placed 3rd in my AG, although the results say 2nd.. I think something is wonky there, but whatever.

Time: 23:02  (those stupid 2 seconds.. ughh)
AG: 3/18
OA: 23/407 

After the awards ceremony Jenny & I headed out for another 6 miles. How to put this nicely? It sucked. The first 2 miles were okay, but after that my legs were burning, and I was feeling the effects of racing, then standing around for 2 hours, then trying to run again. not fun.

After our final miles we headed over to a local place to get some breakfast..even though it was already 12, breakfast was in order. I loooove me some coffee after a race, or long run.

Not pictured is the bowl of grits that I also ate.
Veggie Omelette + WW toast + grits + coffee = LOVE


This race has come and gone, but believe me when I say I already have another 5k on my calendar. While we were standing around waiting for awards to start I was surfing active.com for a 5k on March 10th.  FOUND ONE! Armadillo 5k, in Oldsmar on March 10th. This works out really well – This is one of the featured races that my running group does, so they will be there! The 10k is the big race for the group, but as I’ve said before, I’m done with 10ks for this season. This 5k will probably be my last 5k (maybe) so I need to go out with a bang. 

Upcoming Races:

March 3rd: Gasparilla 15k
March 10th: Armadillo 5k
March 18th: Florida Beach Halfathon
April 22nd: Flying Pirate Half 

I’m trying not to think about Gasparilla to much. The weather isn’t going to be ideal – At 6am it will already be 68 with 87% humidity. The high is 80 with a heat index of 91. Doesn’t that sound fun? Better start hydrating now!


How was your weekend? any races? new PRs? long runs? short runs? fun runs? bad runs?
tell me about it.



9 thoughts on “Race Recap: Take Stock in Children 5k

  1. Congrats on the PR!

    You’re too funny Jena. Like buying a handgun, I think there should be atleast a 48 hour waiting period on signing-up for races after you’ve just completed one, lol.

    I think you’ll do well though. Your a woman a mission!

  2. Sounds like your brain was having more issues than your body – with a little music/distraction you can totally get the time you want! I just give you credit for not maiming any of the children! And 6 miles after the race!? Way to get out there and keep going!

    Good luck with the 15K, the weather sounds horrible! I’m pretty sure I’d just give up and lay on the side of the road if I had to run in 87% humidity, I’m already spoiled!

    • I “needed” a long run. I hadn’t done one since the RnR half on 2/12. .. I’m trying not to look at the weather everyday, but i’m really dreading it. Last year, we started with a yellow flag warning. The year before that, it was freezing. Literally freezing. Oh Florida… so bipolar.

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  4. You did so awesome!! This weekend made me even more excited for our upcoming OBX road trip! (who knew that was possible)

    And thanks for saving me at the end of my 10K, I really don’t think I would have broke 49 without you pacing me in. You’re the bestest!! 😀

    Aaand, don’t worry about Gasparilla girl! You killed it last year and we were on a yellow flag! It looks like a mild cold front is moving in for Sunday/Monday. With any luck it will come a touch earlier than predicted and we will all have great race weather this weekend.

    • I’m glad I could help you at the finish! I’m realizing more & more how much I love running w/ friends! It’s SO much better than running alone..

      ugh. gasparilla.

  5. Sorry about ths music being gone. 😦 I still think you ran a great time (probably because I was thrilled with a 23:10 earlier this month..:-) I know what you mean about being frustrated to miss your goal. There is definitely something about cracking that next minute barrier, in this case a 22:XX.
    Glad you already have another 5K in your sights!

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