I did it

I was a little sad that I didn’t get to go on a long run this morning.

The weather was disgusting this morning, so maybe I shouldn’t be to upset that I missed out on my long run?

Right after breakfast my Dad called and asked if we wanted to go to Tampa. I said, “Uhm. why?” He said, “because there is a treadmill here that you can have.”

Me. “yep, see ya in an hour.”

I got a new-to-me nordic-trak treadmill (or something like that). It’s still in the back of Chris’ truck, but I’ll take a picture when it makes it upstairs.

stock picture form the nordic trak website

It’s a pretty bad ass treadmill! Has a lot of features..like a TV screen. According to my Dad it can be hooked up to your cable, or DVD player. I’ll definitely need to figure out how that works!


Sometime last week a friend & I were discussing how fun it would be to travel out of state for a race. I’ve never done this before, but would love to.I also doubted that Chris would ever be on board with the idea, so I’ve never put much though into it.

Some how this morning said friend & I started talking about travelling to a race. Then we started looking at races. We checked out the Country Music Half-Marathon in Nashville.. but I’m totally over RnR races.. The logistics for that race look like a gigantic nightmare. More paying for a shuttle back to the start line. Family having to pay to get to the concert @ the end of the race. No thanks. We passed.

I briefly looked at the Blue Ridge Half-Marathon, but when I saw the elevation I laughed myself right off that website.


I checked out the Charlottesville Half-Marathon, which didn’t look to bad, but the hills were a little scary.

actually, that looks horrible.


Friend text me and said “ duh, I forgot about the OBX half marathon.”  This was the site of her first marathon…and that’s where the plan to run the Flying Pirate Half-Marathon started. We looked at the race, decided it was the one, then spent the rest of the afternoon looking at hotels and figuring out how we can make this work.

We seriously talked about this for hours.. well, we texted about this for hours.

We finally came up with a good plan. A plan that wouldn’t force me to sell a kidney, and a plan that wouldn’t require us to make the 14hr drive all in one day. (14hrs to run a half-marathon?? who does that?) 

This will be the last half-marathon of our “season.” Number 8 for me, number 7 for her! WHEW! It’s been a busy season, and I’m sad to see it go, but I know that this race is going to be great!


It’s official. I’ll be there..and so will my friend. I’ll let her reveal herself in her own blog! It’s going to be EPIC.. rofl.. No. I’m kidding. I don’t use the word epic.. but it is going to be pretty dang spectacular.


That’s not that bad..right?

Want to join us? We’ll be there! We are arriving on Saturday, and leaving Monday morning!! It’s going to be grand!


8 thoughts on “I did it

  1. Uh, that is a freaking sweet treadmill! I used a treadmill at a hotel not long ago that had a TV screen with games on it – including solitaire! If I had that I might not hate TM’s so much…although my pace would drop since I’d be so focused on the card games!

    The elevation on the Blue Ridge half looks…scary! The Flying Pirate looks much more bearable! Good luck and have fun with your “destination half”!

  2. One: I am SO jealous you have your own treadmill. With a TV? That is some pretty fancy stuff. You fancy.. yeah yeah, you fancy.
    Two: I love OBX. It could have been perfect if it worked better with my school’s vacation schedule. I have some family in NC and I could have made a dandy trip out of it. EVEN if the race was on Saturday rather than Sunday. UGH! Maybe we can look into something to do together in Sept/Oct/Nov

  3. Sounds like an awesome choice!! Wish I lived closer to NC. I’ve never really traveled out of state to race either, unless you count driving just over the boarder to Fargo. I suppose it does count, but the race course actually runs through both ND and MN. 🙂

    • OMG did you see that mountain you have to run up at Blue Ridge? That thing was insane.

      I don’t love the treadmill either .. 4-5 miles is about my max, but the heat is ridiculous here during the summer, and it’s either the treadmill or nothing. I can’t make myself go out and run when it’s 100* .. i love running, but not that much, I guess.

  4. Wow, a free treadmill?! That’s awesome.

    The Flying Pirate Half Marathon sounds like a great race. I went camping at the OBX in college and it was so much fun. I have wanted to go back there ever since!

    • YES! I’m very fortunate! It was just sitting @ my Dad’s house taking up room & collecting dust. I’ve never been to OBX before, so I’m pretty excited!

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