yoga a day makes Jena’s shoulders pay

There is one good thing about not being able to run. Not being able to run forces me to cross-train and do things I otherwise wouldn’t.

I have several of Jillian Michaels & Bob Harper’s DVDs, but when I’m in running mode, that’s all I do. I run. Everything else gets put off. Until I’m injured. Then I crawl back to Jillian & Bob begging them to make me sweat.

I always say that I’m not really a yoga person, but I really enjoy Jillian’s Yoga meltdown. Maybe because there it is a combination of yoga + power moves.

You can get a glimpse of Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown here.


My shoulders are already sore. I can only imagine how sore they are going to be on Friday & Saturday.

One of my favorite poses that she does during the level one workout is the Locust Pose.


ahhhh, this feels so good on my lower back. So So So good.

The most challenging pose is that darn chaturanga.

and when Jillian (yah, we are on a first name basis) says to do chaturanga push ups – I basically fall on the floor laughing. She’s crazy. just plain crazy.

One other thing I’ve learned is that I have like zero balance. That warrior 3 pose makes me want to fall flat on my face.

yeah right. In level one we do a modified version where you put your hands on you’re your quad.. still makes me want to fall over. I can balance better on my right leg than my left leg? weird.

So, I’m thoroughly enjoying this DVD, but I’m really ready to put my running shoes back on and get in some miles.

I’m really going to be sad on Saturday when I can’t get a long run. This will be the first weekend since August that I haven’t done any kind of long run. sad.

Now I’m off to go watch The Guardian on netflix.


4 thoughts on “yoga a day makes Jena’s shoulders pay

  1. I bet you would like hot yoga. it can be expensive.. thats why I rarely do it.. but I know you like to do things that make you sweat.. like run a million miles. Hot yoga makes you sweat. If you ever see a groupon for it in your area.. I think you should give it a go!

    • I googled hot yoga in my area – There is place not far from my office. I’d be so nervous to go to a yoga studio. I know NOTHING about yoga. I only know the poses that JM does on her DVDs.. I would like to try it out though.

  2. We’re two peas in a pod with our balance. Balancing – especially on those darn balls, is such a weak point for me. Practice makes perfect? I know the cross training will be good for you, but I still hope you can get back running really soon!

    • I suck @ balancing. I want one of those things… dang, i just saw it at sports authority yesterday but I forget what it’s called. It’s flat on one side, and the other side is a gel filled ball thing – it’s good for corework.. ..that was a super awesome description. Anyhow, I want one of those, but it was $120.whoa.

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