stop it

As the days of this week wear on I’m getting increasingly more anxious about what’s to come this weekend.

Not anxious over time goals, or the weather. Anxious because my damn IT band is doing everything in it’s power to rebel again the rest of my right leg.

I don’t know what I’ve done to make it so angry, but it is pissed.

I attempted to run on Tuesday. That was a miserable 3 miles. It was overcast ALL DAY long on Monday. ALL DAY. I was really looking forward to my run because the weather was nice. It was cool & the sun wasn’t out.

Then, just as I got home and changed into my running clothes that nasty sun poked it head out of the clouds. Ugh. My nice & cool run got real hot real quick.

Then there’s the issue of my IT band. My stride felt choppy, and my legs just felt heavy. My breathing was all out of wack. It just wasn’t fun. it sucked. I think that might have been the hardest 3 mile run I’ve been on in quite some time. I even stopped and walked…. walked.

Sometimes it makes me laugh that my average pace has been in the 8:20 range. It’s hilarious that last weekend I ran a 10 mile run with the last 4 miles being sub 8..and then, I struggle through a simple 3 mile run.

God sure does have sense of humor.

Ha HA Ha

After Tuesday’s debacle I decided that I would just stretch today. This morning I did a slower paced 1.6 miles around the neighborhood then came upstairs and foam rolled until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

All day I could feel my IT band. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s uncomfortable. I’m starting to get annoyed at this point.

After work I decided I would do 1 mile on the treadmill then roll & stretch some more. That’s what I did…. Then I soaked in a hot bath with epsom salt (which by the way is supposed to be good for constipation. I did not know this. I was pretty sure I knew almost everything about constipation… bc I work for a GI surgeon, not because I have it often.. but I had never heard this about epsom salt)

moving on.

I soaked.

foam rolled.

then rolled a tennis ball on my it band.

now I’m icing & drinking decaf coffee.

I’m about to pop a muscle relaxer & call it a day.

this shiz better clear up quick.

I have a race to run


9 thoughts on “stop it

  1. Oh man. Sounds like a back lash from the circuit workouts! I had the tightest IT after CrossFit. I went to the Chiro for a massage that hurt so good. I was better in a few days.

    Hope the foam rolling and stretching helps.

  2. I know for sure that the smaller runs are sometimes more of a challenge then the longer ones.. for me! I really think it is all mental. If I know I am running only 3 miles.. the n my bodyacts as if if could no run one hundrethof a mile longer.. and I feel like I am going to die.

    But if I know I have to run 10 miles.. then my body feels good all the way through. For me.. it is a mental game!

    Don’t get too worked up.. you are an awesome runner and have tons to be looking forward too!

  3. Gah! That sucks! I absolutely hate it when the short “easy ” runs are the hardest! It so…hard! Good work with all the stretching and rolling, maybe your IT band is just having a mood swing?!

    Good luck with your half…whisper sweet nothings to your IT band to get it back on board!

    • The IT band seems like a neverending issue. Just when you think you have handle on it, it flares up and shows you whose boss =/ (Thanks for stopping by!)

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