I keep telling myself, but I’m just not listening

This is kind of twisted, but, one of my most favorite feelings is sore abs.

It means one of two things: great sex, or a great workout.
or both

Monday evening I decided it was time to do something about the discontent that I feel when I look in the mirror. I understand that there are people that would be happy to have my body. I get that. But, that doesn’t mean that my feelings toward my body are not real.

they are real.
they are very real.

I put together a small circuit workout that I wanted to complete on Tuesday morning. You can check it out here.

That workout made me sore.
It feels lame to be so sore from such a mediocre workout.
I mean, there was not really intense about it, but I worked muscles that don’t get worked with running.

I meant to wake up early this morning and do 30 Day Shred, or some kind of work out..and then I slept through the alarm for over an hour – so working out didn’t happen.


My quads are sore. I have no idea why since the only thing on that circuit workout involving my legs was jumping jacks.
I considering not running today since my legs were sore, but when I got off work I was really itching to run.

I told myself it was okay to do an easy run – I didn’t want to focus on my pace – I just wanted to crank up some music and get my run on. and I did.

and it felt so good.


runs like this remind me why I love running. it was just a little bit hot in the sun, but felt perfect in the shade. I could breath easily, my legs felt great (despite the sore quads) and I was just happy to be running.

(elevation chart for Heidi).. Ha


unrelated question: What are your favorite healthy snacks that can be eaten easily at work?


7 thoughts on “I keep telling myself, but I’m just not listening

  1. Here’s the thing… it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your body, it matters what you think. You have to be happy with yourself and I really think some strength training will help give you some confidence and make you feel so much better. I better not hear any complaints about your butt though, I know for a fact that it’s stunning! I stared at it (in a non-creepy way, promise!) for 13.1 miles so I’m a good authority. 😉

    I eat several times throughout the day at work and always pack everything up the night before. In my bag there’s always an apple, a protein shake (EAS carb advantedge), either a CLIF builder bar or a Luna bar and obviously lunch items.

  2. You’re so tiny and lean, I’m envious. I’d need to re-arrange my DNA to ever get that body, forget 30DS.

    I know that doesn’t change your feelings, as you’re a woman afterall. We’re always striving for more right?

    Love both graphics you chose for this post. Both are very true.

  3. I agree w/ Blondie – you are tiny & lean & I live the graphics. Why is it that we ladies are so hard on ourselves? Somedays I stress about being borderline underweight, but in the same day I can lament the extra fat on my stomach. It’s madness, but we are always here on your blog to listen and support you.

    Glad you had a great run; those are the best!

    Snacks: plain Greek yogurt w/ fruit like fresh berries or canned pineapple. String cheese. Dried fruit & nuts. Raw carrots with yogurt dips or hummus. Apple or banana & PB. Chocolate milk. I don’t always have these things around at the farm, but when I had an office job some of these things were always in the fridge!

  4. So after telling you two days ago how you totally shouldn’t worry about it, you look great…Yesterday I found out how much I weigh and had a mini freak out. Figures.

    Sounds like you are on the right track with working towards the results that you desire!

    • Well, this IS super cliche..but you JUST had a baby!! You do look fabulous! I hate the scale – thank goodness I don’t have one in my house – I’d go crazy!

  5. Thanks for that elevation chart! 😐

    When I had a job that didn’t involve all sorts of free, fat filled foods I ate a lot of chopped apples with cheese, crackers, grapes, popcorn…

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