I’m not patient, and that’s the problem

It’s a fact that 97% of the time, I am miserable with the way my body looks. This is a judge free zone right now, okay?

I WANT to make changes to my body.

I do.

The problem is:

I’m impatient

I like instant results. Waking up early and doing a 20 minute work out doesn’t give me instant results. It will over time, but I don’t want to wait.

I like a good sweat, but when I look in the mirror and I see the same love handles day in & day out, I get discouraged.

I just get discouraged.

4 weeks…

28 days…….

672 hours…….

before I notice a change.

oh man. that’s a long time


I’ll give it a go.

This morning I got up, packed Chris’ lunch (YAY he’s home!), threw some running clothes on and headed out the door for a warm up before I could convince myself this was a stupid idea.

I didn’t wear my Garmin, and I couldn’t find the running app on my phone so I just started the timer to time how long my run was.

run: 5:49

10 pushups
1 min plank
20 bicycle crunches
30 bicep curls (5lb)
50 jumping jacks
1 min plank
10 tricep extensions
10 pushups


I forgot to time the first circuit – the 2nd circuit was 7:43

My Thoughts: I am disgustingly weak. No, really, I am. I couldn’t even do 10 push ups. I used to be able to do 25. So, that was a slap in the face. There were a total of 4 one minute planks. I couldn’t hold all of those either.

That’s my starting point. That’s where I’m at. Isn’t it crazy that I can run 16 miles when asked, but can’t do 10 push ups. It would be nice if running was a full body work out.


I am not a big fan of tracking food. I think that it could lead to some craziness on my part – however, I realize that my eating habits are not the best, and that by tracking what I’m eating I can/will become more accountable.

I’ve actually been tracking for about 2 weeks now. I don’t usually count calories, I just write everything down so that I can help myself be accountable for what I’m eating.

I plugged my breakfast into MyPlate on Livestrong so that I could get your opinions on it:

That’s my breakfast, plus the cup of coffee I’m drinking right now, which is just folgers plain coffee with 1 truvia and a splash of 2% milk. (nothing fancy).

I’ve been eating oatmeal for at least a year, probably longer. Sometimes I eat it plain, sometimes I jazz it up. The problem is, I’m usually hungry by time I get to work. This morning should be okay since I ate breakfast later, but when I wake up at 5:45, eat breakfast right away, I’m hungry by time I get to work at 9. Which, I guess make sense since it’s 3 hours later?

If my daily calories are supposed to be 1600, is that breakfast to big? to small? What would you do differently?

I’m serious guys, I’m sick of feeling miserable.


10 thoughts on “I’m not patient, and that’s the problem

  1. I hear ya on the hating your own body thing… even when people tell you it’s gorgeous. We are our own worst critics! I’m so glad you’re starting to incorporate strength training, it will only make you a better and stronger runner! As far as the food- that breakfast looks great! I can forward you some of the meal plans my trainer sends me to give you a general idea of what to eat. I also wrote a post about it and I’ll link you to it when I email you. Keep up the good work girl!

  2. I 100% feel for you right now.. as I always have similar feelings. I am never quite happy with my body and I wish I could just get to the point where I was happy (although I seriously wonder if that exists). So maybe I want to get to the point where I can just be comfortable.
    I think your meal looks just fine..but just over 3 grams of fat is a little low. Maybe add some health fats .. like a nut butter. If you use 1/2 of a banana.. and add 1TB of PB or something.. you will add 40-50 calories, but may feel fuller longer.
    I found that I felt better when I added PB to my oatmeal.

    Also.. just be warned.. I got crazy obsessed with MyPlate for a while. First I started tracking to see what may be the cause of my stomach problems.. and then it became a little crazy. I THOUGHT I was really overdoing it with sodium and cholesterol. That is what myplate told me. THEN…I looked into it a little further.. and the info on myplate was inaccurate because everything I chose wasn’t “verified”. Just a warning!

    Anyways. now that I have this ridiculously long comment.. I hope that you can find a balance where you feel good about your body. Strength training will help. I feel like a horrible blob right now because I’ve been condemned to the couch for.. the third day in a row now!

    • I don’t know if anyone is every totally completely happy with their body. I just want to look in the mirror and not want to cry. KWIM?

      I have tried PB in my oatmeal.gag me. way to thick.

      Right now I’m just using MyPlate as a reference point for some of my meals. I literally had NO IDEA how many calories were in anything that I was eating. I’m not even using it daily. I just plugged in that breakfast to show the calories of my breakfast, and to ask if it was a good meal. I don’t necessarily WANT to know every single calorie – I just want to be aware of what I am eating. It’s so easy to just pop some chips in your mouth and not even really think about it. If I have to write it down then I might think twice about drinking dr.pepper for breakfast and eating chips instead of carrots for a snack. — I have been trying to choose the items that say “verified” by them to get a more accurate count.

  3. I feel your pain, for sure. I want the body I want and I want it NOW damnit! Plus I hate lifting…not sure why but I do. So for now I’m working on the food tracking via myfitnesspal and I figure once I get that under control I’ll start getting the strength training part going. Baby steps. Right?

    • I don’t have a gym membership, so I think that’s why I hate cross-training so much. I’m limited to circuit workouts, or DVDs…which is fine, but it gets repetitive & boring. I did really well cross-training when I was injured last year, but once I could run again ..cross-training what? like you said, baby steps.

      • For what its worth, I have a gym membership and I still hate cross training 90% of the time. Unless USA is showing NCIS reruns, or I have People/US Weekly to read, or there’s a good movie playing in the movie room (though I’ve found I have to be careful with the action movies, as stuff blowing up apparently makes me fall off the back of the TM), or I’m at spin class where the people watching is usually good. I’ve realized that I need entertainment…and my attempt at the 30 Day Shred at home just did not provide me with the level of entertainment I need. But yeah…baby steps all the way.

  4. I think your breakfast looks pretty good; then again, I eat pretty much the exact same breakfast except with a full serving of protein powder and a sprinkle of flax. I think you’re just hungry because it is 3 hours later. Can you add a snack when you get to work? Or eat a snack when you get up and eat breakfast at work?

    To appreciate your body more, get enormously pregnant, have the baby, and immensely appreciate being ‘normal’ size. 😉 In all seriousness, you look great. There are tons of people who want your body.

  5. I’m right there with you…the fact I’ve been working at a bakery with free food for the past few months is catching up with me. I’ve decided to spend the month of February tracking my food, which really isn’t that fun. I did this same thing last year around this time and it was an eye opener!

    For your own sanity and to maintain your running with your body I wouldn’t focus on the 1600 number too much, but that’s just me. When I did this last year I spent 1 week tracking my normal eating habits and used those numbers as a base. You really only need to get below what you were calorie-wise and sometimes the calculations online and such drop your calories a lot more than necessary. And this is just my opinion, no judgement or anything…calorie counting is hard, and a little depressing at times!

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