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It was disgustingly hot today! What is up with this ridiculously hot weather lately? I want cold temperature, like the 30’s or 40’s! I want a reason to wear my jackets, and sweatshirts! I don’t want to crank my air down to 70 just to wear a sweatshirt!

It’s supposed to rain tonight & tomorrow & that should bring us some colder weather; just in time for my long run this weekend. I’m not quite sure how far I want to go this weekend. My next half is on Feb 12th, so that’s 2 training weekends away… I’m thinking 13 this weekend? (even though I ran a half last weekend?…I don’t know). I could do 5 this weekend and be fine @ the half in 3 weeks. At this point I’m just maintaining, not building up mileage.

whatever.anyways.moving on.

After work today I had to go to the pet store and blow 50 bucks on dog food. WHY does Blue Buffalo cost so much? $50 for a 30lb bag. damn dogs. /wah

moving on to something you might actually care about – probably not, but maybe:

I decided earlier this week that I wanted to get in at least two 5 mile runs and then a long run. I usually rest on Fridays before my long run on Saturday, so that meant that today would be a 5 mile day. I really wasn’t feeling it, I would have been much happier sitting on the couch, but I forced myself out the door.

I pretty much whined (in my head) for the entire run. It sucked. It was hot, I couldn’t catch my breath, my freakin’ right knee hurt, my right groin hurt, my quads hurt..nothing felt right. I just felt off. Ugh. Walking 5 miles would have been more fun than that run.


glad that’s over.


Check yes or no: going to the bar by yourself?

Lame? Thumbs up or Thumbs down

I decided last week that it was okay to go to the bar by myself. I hate sitting at home every single night by myself doing nothing but watching netflix & reading blogs. It’s boring. It gets old, and we are on week # 9…. it’s a good thing I didn’t think of this earlier, otherwise I’d have a pretty awesome wine gut going on.

So we have this really neat little bar/café thing by our house. I won’t tell you the name bc then some freaks might be trying to google it or something… Chris & I have been there a few times to have drinks and just hang out, and it’s nice. I love local hole in the wall places. It’s not somewhere that would really attract the snowbirds, or tourists – it’s a place where locals can go to just chill out. love . The last few times we’ve been there I’ve gotten a glass (or two) of sangria (sadly they don’t have a liquor license, and I’m not a beer drinker) so I was thinkin’ it would be nice to go to the bar and have a glass of sangria & just relax.

After my run, I ate some dinner, took a shower, and then headed over to the spot…. only to find out that they were OUT of sangria….. so sad. so so sad. The bartender suggested some Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz, I said yes, and it was love at first sip. Yum. It was so fruity, and sweet, and just…delicious. don’t judge me, but I had 3 glasses. The owner gave me one on the house since I stuck around even though they didn’t have the sangria that I came in for …

I’ve never been one to venture out by myself. In the past, I would rather just stay home and sulk than go to a bar by myself. Maybe I’m growing up, or I’m just sick of sitting at home by myself, but I had a good time tonight, and I’m glad that I ventured outside my comfort zone.

I’ll be back to that little bar…probably this weekend, and I hope they have my sangria waiting for me!

Do you ever go to the bar by yourself? Is it better to drink alone at home? or drink alone at a bar?

At least at the bar I’m not the only one drinking, right?


7 thoughts on “all by myseeellllffff

  1. I don’t like to go by myself. More self-conscious than ever then but I have to sometimes as GF doesn’t drink. I still like a glass of wine now and again as well as craft beer or two. I usually run into friends (benefit of a small town I guess?) but not always. I feel lame when I go in alone but that is reality sometimes. Good question. See what others say! Peace!

  2. Some days I love to sit at home and have a glass of wine after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet! I must have missed this, but where is your husband? Mine travels during the week so I have become a pro at finding things to do lately. I would totally be up for going to a bar alone these days! It is nice to go with someone, but sometimes you just need alone time 🙂

    • He’s been out of town during the week for about 9 weeks. I haven’t said to much about it bc it freaks me out enough to be home by myself, and I didn’t want to announce on the interwebz that I was home by myself.. I know it’s silly – plenty of people live alone, but I never have..I’ve always lived with my Mom, or a few sisters, or Chris, so being home alone was a whole new ball game. The job he was one is done today, so he’ll be home for a while now! yay!

      I wouldn’t want to go to a big bar, with tons of people by myself, that might be weird – but this place is just a little joint with a few people in it. The kind where everyone knows your name, and you can all just sit and have a conversation. It was fun.

  3. It took me a while to talk myself into going out to eat by myself. I finally gave in one day when I was just pissed off at work and didn’t want to stay in the building for the lunch I packed so I headed out – now I kind of like it. I like being able to just be by myself, but not in my own house. There is something about the distraction of people around you that is so much better than the noise of a TV playing a show you really don’t want to watch anyway.

    Can’t say that I’ve gone to a bar alone, but then we very rarely drink anything anyway, so I would feel super weird doing that. Heck, it feels weird for Chris and I to walk into a bar to meet friends – we are weird like that!

    • I’ve never gone out to eat by myself, that’s pushing my comfort zone a little. Ha . We love this little cafe/pub/bar place. It’s actually called The BoatHouse Cafe & Pub, so not a bar. Ha Ha.. if Cafe comes first, that means it’s not a bar, right?

  4. I used to travel five days per week every week for work, so that meant a fair number of nights going to dinner or for a drink by myself. It was odd for me at first, then I sort of embraced it. Today I would definitely download a book to the Kindle on my phone and read that while I was out. I say go for it.

    • Over the last 9 weeks Chris spent a ton of time eating out by himself – he is more of a social person, so he doesn’t mind it. He will be BFF with the waitress before he leaves. For lunch he would go to the same place every day so over the course of 9 weeks he practically knew the waitress’ life story. They were on a first name basis.. lol

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