Solo Sunday

What a bummer that today is Sunday and the weekend is coming to a close.

I was passed out in bed last night by 9:30; waking up at 3:45am did me in! I must have been super tired because we slept in today until 9am.

I asked Chris yesterday if he would ride his bike while I ran 10 miles, he begrudgingly said yes, so that was my plan for today…and then we woke up at 9. We needed to eat breakfast and take the dogs for a long walk before we could leave for my run.

Diva kept creeping closer & closer to the edge of the sea wall. She really wanted to go swimming, but Chris said no. party pooper.


By time we ate, drank coffee, and took the dogs out it was already 11. I felt bad asking him to go with him while I ran so I told him that I would go by myself and he could stay home & work on his boat. He wasn’t thrilled out me running 10 miles by myself, but he really didn’t want to go so after I promised to call him at the half way point, I was on my way out the door.

I decided that I would head over to my usual long run spot, Starkey Park, and get my 10 miles done. I’ve never run there by myself before but it’s a really popular trail and I knew there would be plenty of people out. Plus, they have water coolers every 2 miles so I didn’t have to carry my own water.

The temperature was about 60 when I arrived in Starkey with a pretty good breeze moving through the park. The breeze felt nice, but depending on which direction I was running I was sometimes running right into the wind. not fun.

I took a gel at mile 4 and kept on trucking to mile 5, where I called Chris to tell him I was still alive and I was headed back to my car.

my view from mile 5.

I don’t think I’ve ever run 10 miles by myself- I usually have Chris with me, or run with the group. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it wasn’t too awful. It probably would have been a little creepy if there hadn’t been anyone on the trail, but the trail was packed with cyclists, other runners, a few people on roller blades, and lots of families enjoying the beautiful weather we are having right now.


I had no real plan as I headed out for my run. Just wanted to maintain a steady pace around the 8:30 area. I wasn’t sure how my knee/hips would feel after yesterday’s race? I did have a little knee weirdness in the first few miles, but I made sure to stop and stretch my IT band a few times and eventually the knee twinge went away.


Does your husband/wife/SO get concerned when you do long runs by yourself?

Chris wouldn’t be concerned if I was staying in our neighborhood, but when I go for a long run in the woods(Starkey is in the woods), or on the trail next to the highway he gets kind of concerned about the weirdo’s that could be out.


10 thoughts on “Solo Sunday

  1. Justin has never mentioned being concerned. I did every long run solo when I was training for my halfs. I didn’t go to parks… I just ran on the roads.. some busy and some more rural. Half the time, I would be back from a 10 or 11 mile run before Justin even woke up.

    Maybe I am a little naive to not be concerned at all.

    • Maybe we are just super paranoid? I guess something happening is a possibility, but not a probability? Although, there is the lady who was abducted/killed out West recently. I believe her name is Sherry Young, she is Shut up & Run’s cousin.

  2. OH my gosh, I can’t believe you ran so much today after your race yesterday (or at least I thought it was yesterday). You are a rockstar.

    When I ran 20 miles between my first and second marathons in Nov/Dec, Tappan was next to me on my bike the entire time. It was incredibly helpful and supportive, I loved it. It was the first time that I had done a long run without a group, so it made me feel much safer.

    Some girl was raped two months ago on a running trail in Richmond, so I never go on trails by myself 😦

    • I used to always take the day after a race off, even shorter races, but I’ve been trying to build my mileage and get my legs used to running tired. I don’t usually run the day after a half-marathon, but today I felt pretty good during my run.

      Before I ran with the group, Chris used to ride his bike while I did all of my long runs. We lived in a really rural area (Even more rural than where we are now) and one of the only trails was way out in the boodocks and I wasn’t comfortable running there by myself.

      There was a trail in the town where I worked, and I ran there alone sometimes and the last time I ran on it I Saw some kids w/ a bb gun..last time I ever ran there. people are crazy!

  3. I do all my runs solo.. Im too paranoid to run on a local “trail” by myself because it isnt heavily trafficked and its kinda out of the way.. There is a trail I run about an hour away but its normally very busy and I feel safe there. Since I dont run local trails by myself I just run up and down the main highway in my small town. Its a bit boring at times but it gets the job done. I used to run around different streets in the neighborhoods off the main highway, but there are too many loose dogs now, so, I basically run in the parking lots because we have no sidewalks and Im far enough off the road to not have to worry about cars. I dont particularly worry about weirdos or creepers because there is a lot of traffic. I carry mace for dogs though.. thats what worries me most. – There are certain streets in my town that I will not run on because there are no houses and they arent heavily trafficked.. They are very short roads, (1/2 mile to 3/4 each) but a lot can happen on a short road and I dont want to chance it. – So yep Im super paranoid.

  4. My Chris definitely gets nervous when Irun even short runs by myself. I still end up doing it a fair amount, but I do my best to run in daylight at least it I am going to run solo outside.

    Can either of your dogs run with you?

    • I’ve tried to take Wyatt on shorter runs, but he doesn’t like it. He will stop dead in his tracks, practically ripping my arm off, and won’t move until I walk back to him and then walk. He’s so weird. I think it has something to do w/ Diva not being with us. He acts like a lost little kid when HIS Diva isn’t with us. .. strange.

  5. For the most part Chris doesn’t worry too much when I run. Its changed a bit since we moved to the big city and he has been tagging along on the bike with longer runs. At the very least he is familiar with all the trails I do run on.

    Great job on your solo run! My favorite part of having him along is the distraction!

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