St. Pete Beach Classic 10k

All week I have been feeling kind of indifferent towards this 10k. I didn’t register until Wednesday, partly because I wasn’t sure how I would feel after my super long run during Ragnar; partly because I just wasn’t that interested in racing a 10k.

I really don’t like the 10k distance, for me, it’s just awkward. To far to try & go balls to the wall the whole time, to short to ease into a quick pace.

L-R: Rachel, Becky, Kim, Karen, Me, Jenny

A cold front moved through Florida this weekend so I opted for capris, a tank top, long in St. Pete at 6am. Our race didn’t start until 830, but the 5k started at 7:30 & I knew there would be some traffic once the 5k started so we opted to arrive super early. I hate dealing with traffic and I get really stressed out over it, so if waking up at 3:45am means I can avoid traffic, then that’s what I’ll do.

Since I wasn’t overly excited about this race, I had not thought about my game plan. I think this might actually work out better for me. I don’t stress, I don’t over analyze; I didn’t even look at the course ahead of time.

Sometimes I find it hard to describe a race,I want to write down my feelings, because I enjoy re-reading them but I would imagine it’s kind of mundane & boring to most people. The race wasn’t totally awesome, and it wasn’t bad. It was a good race.

The first mile was kind of a struggle; my calves were feeling tight, and my breathing felt a little labored. I was a little worried about this since Jenny & I did a warm up prior to the race. I was hoping that the warm up would be enough to get my legs ready to run. I guess not.

In the recent months I’ve been trying to train myself to look up when I run, not down at the ground. I don’t know why, but it’s just more natural for me to look down at the ground. But looking down causes my shoulders to slump over, and it’s really just bad running form.

Today I caught myself looking at the ground for pretty much the entire first mile. The road has some dips, and bad spots so I was trying not to trip, but if I had focused on the road ahead of me I probably would have been okay.

David found me at mile 2 and ran with me for about 2 miles. We had a good run together, we were able to chat about Ragnar, and just enjoy the course.

At mile 4 David left me and went in search of Kim. I guess you could say my 2nd wind found me around mile 4. I started to relax a little and found my flow. I was able to bump up the pace and make my move. I found one of the Striders a little ways ahead of me, so I focused on gaining on him. I passed him around mile 5.5.

I was feeling strong, but I was starting to doubt that I could keep up the pace that my garmin was showing. I was running in the mid 7:30’s, but I kept on & hoped for the best. Right before mile 6 we did a hairpin turn and BAM we were hit in the face with a cold blast of wind. We fought the wind for about the last 1/3 of a mile, fun times.

I saw some of my Strider friends who ran the 5k earlier, and who are doing the half tomorrow right before the finish line and hearing them screaming for me gave me that extra push I needed to bring it in strong.

I crossed the finish line in 48:40, which is a one minute 4 second PR!


The official results aren’t up yet. They probably won’t be up until after the half-marathon tomorrow.

I had a good race. I feel like I ran smart, I didn’t get caught up in the rush – I’m figuring out what I’m capable of, and learning to save a little juice for a good kick at the end.

Lucky for me, this race does age group awards 5 deep; I was able to snag the 4th place award in my AG!

L-R: Clark, Kim, Me, Forrest

Next up is the Clearwater Halfathon. No big plans for this race since it goes over two huge bridges in Clearwater. I’m just looking forward to tackling the 13.1 distance with no pressure to PR.

Did you race this weekend? How did you do?

Did you watch the Olympic Marathon Time Trials?
very exciting!
I cried.
I’m such a sap.

11 thoughts on “St. Pete Beach Classic 10k

  1. Looks like you did a great job with a race you’re not best friends with…whoo hoo! The worst thing about shorter races is the feeling that you’re going to die but knowing you only have a “short” distance left which gives you this insane need to hang onto the pace. Yeah, I don’t love the mid distance races either!

  2. Way to go on the PR and the award! That’s awesome. 🙂 And yes, I watched the trials. I think I got way to emotionally involved in the whole thing too. Those runners are just amazing though!

    • It’s hard not to feel so sad for the Dathan & Amy! Man, how bad does your day suck when you come in 4th, but on the flip side, you are good enough to come in 4th to Desi, Shalane & Kara — that’s pretty darn awesome!

    • It took me a few weeks to adjust to looking up. I was definitely more ‘comfortable’ looking down, but once I got used to looking up it’s easier, and I can feel a difference in my pace.

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