I went & conquered

Merry Christmas Eve!

I’ve been sitting on the couch for 2 hours watching Lie to me. Have you seen this show? Dang, it’s addicting! It’s very interesting show, and I think there is a lot of truth behind the idea that we can tell if someone is lying based on their facial expressions/body movements.  It’s about a group of people who are hired by various agencies to read body language/facial expressions. They are hired to detect who is lying in various situations. It’s really interesting, and makes me wonder what my facial expressions are in various situations.

Running Junk: This week has been kind of blah when it comes to my running (or lack there of). I had 31 miles on my schedule, and I managed 18. Hm. Monday my legs were totally beat up from running in Croom. Tuesday I managed a short run of 3 miles. Wednesday, I had super secret Christmas business to attend to and I didn’t have time to run after work. In hindsight, I should have run Wednesday morning.

Thursday I managed to get 5 miles in. It wasn’t pretty, but it was 5 miles. My calves & IT bands were super tight. I couldn’t get home to my foam roller fast enough!


More running junk: This morning I headed to Starkey park for a very Merry Christmas Eve 10 miler! Yesterday Jackie sent me a FB message daring me to try and run the 10 miles at an 8:05/avg. Fine, it wasn’t an actual dare, but she said she was running 10 at an 8:05 and invited me to join in.

We all know 8:05 is a bit of a stretch for me, especially with the crappy miles I had earlier this week, but I’m down for a challenge so I started the run with the group that was running an 8:05/avg.

I knew pretty quickly that this run was going to be tough. I never run my first mile very fast – over the last 3 months I think the first mile of every long run has been btwn 8:55 – 9 something, so when I saw our first mile was an 8:23 I was worried, then when mile 2 was 8:10, I figured I’d be done by the turn around.

We stopped for water at 2.something, and took a really fantastic picture, which I may post later if it shows up on FB soon. We stopped again at mile 4 for water. I took a powerbar gel thing, it was vanilla flavored. I can’t decide if I liked it or not. The flavor wasn’t the best, but it was thin and went down easy.

My legs woke up between during the 4th mile, and the rest of my run felt pretty good. I ran with Jackie for about a mile on the way back, but felt myself losing some steam and started to fall behind. Besides that Jackie is a beast and she starts to gain speed towards the end of our runs (hiiii jackie).

I fell to the back of our pack, so I turned my music on and just rocked out for a few miles. Somehow I caught up to David, I think he just slowed down so I didn’t have to run the last 2 miles by myself Winking smile , right David? Those last 2 miles really are killer – I don’t know what it is about them, but they just seem to drag on for-ev-er (sandlot reference, anyone?).


I finished my last mile with a 7:58 avg! I always love to see a sub 8 mile on a long run, especially the last mile of a long run! Jackie reminded me that I’m running a half in a few weeks! I really did forget; I thought my next half was Rock ‘n Roll in February. 2 more long runs & a race(10k) until the Clearwater Halfathon. Hmm, just noticed that the chart above doesn’t tell the avg pace. It was an 8:10 TYVM. (thank you very much).

I should give a special Thanks to Andrea for sharing her water! One of our water stops was out of water, and Andrea was so nice and shared some of her water!

I gotta wrap this up! We are about to head out on the boat to get a little Christmas Eve fishing in! Hope I catch a big trouty-trout! Wish me luck!

Brag about your Christmas Eve work out in the comments!

I loved starting out the holiday weekend with a great run!

One thought on “I went & conquered

  1. This last week was actually a great week running wise for me. I conquered my first double digit run.. exciting!!

    Ive found the powerbar gels to be the easiest to get down.. They are a lot thinner, but the flavours are sometimes off. I prefer the taste of GUs but the texture of the Powerbars.

    8:10 average is pretty darn close to an 8:05!!

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