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I need an IV with a bag of coffee attached. Just drip that junk right into my blood stream please!


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I haven’t done a weekly workout recap in a while now, and I’m not doing one now either. The last month has been filled with recovery runs, or taper runs, and no real workouts to really talk about.

Monday after work I headed to the grocery store .. I feel like I live there some weeks, then the dollar store to pick up some hair stuff, and mascara. Hey! They sell covergirl mascara at the dollar store and it’s more reasonably priced than publix. Since I don’t go to wal-mart and target is on the other side of town, I’m left with publix or the dollar store. .. I guess it’s Dollar General. They actually have quite a bit of stuff in there. I prefer the Dollar General, over the Dollar Tree. Do you ever shop at the dollar store/tree/general? ?  No shame in my game.

When I finally got home I threw on some running clothes, and my Brooks Pure Cadence and headed out the door for an easy 4 mile run. — I’m pleasantly surprised that my legs are not sore at all from the half on Sunday. It’s weird. Like, why aren’t they sore? I felt like I ran a moderately hard race but I have no soreness. So strange, but I’ll take it.

Even without the soreness, I figured my legs would be tired so I said to myself, “Self, we are going to do 4 miles today, but we can go slow.” 

The first 3 miles I felt pretty good. I felt myself getting a little sluggish in mile 3, and then mile 4 it hit me. My legs were burning, and they were just feeling tired. But, I’m stubborn, and I told myself a lie, because in the 4th mile I picked up the speed and brought it on home.

Not exactly speed demon material, but I’m pleased with the splits. image

Today is a rest day (yay!)

So Jena, What’s next?!

Right, I’m sure you are dying to know what is next on my racing calendar. Well, last week I mentioned that Jenny & I were thinking about doing a trail half at the end of January.

Those plans changed after the half on Sunday. We decided that we would rather do the Clearwater Beaches half on January 22nd. If we do the CLW Beaches Half, and the Florida Beach Half in March then we will have completed all 4 of the half marathons in the series. The website says that runners that complete all four of the half-marathons will be recognized in a special way, which has not yet been decided. I thought there was an extra medal involved, but I could be wrong about that. I’m not wrong often, but it doesn’t happen.

After Clearwater comes the RnR St.Pete . Let me be honest real quick, I’m not excited about this race. After the debacle at RnRLV, and the cluster that I heard part of RnRSavannah were, I don’t have high hopes for RnR St.Pete. I think I read online that they are estimating 25k runners.. uhmmmmm… WHERE are they going to put all those people? It’s going to be a parking nightmare – nightmare I say. … I’m pretty sure I’ll just be running RnR for fun, not for time.

The last of my 6 half-marathons is the Florida Beach Halfathon. This is the race that started my obsession with half-marathons back in 2010. I ran it again in 2011! I had a great race and ran a 1:52- When I ran that 1:52:53 that is when my obsession to run a 1:50 started. I knew I was only 3 minutes away, and I could do it!

It only seems right that I try to PR at that course in March, right? Plusalso, Jenny is looking to set a major PR sometime in the next 3 races (and we already decided Clearwater Beaches ain’t it) .. So I’m thinking, Florida Beach is IT.. (right Jenny?)


6 thoughts on “What’s next

  1. I am jealous of all your winter races. The Northeast and New England are too cold. Most of our races are in the spring and fall. Waaahh.

    I’d be concerned about RnR St. Pete too. That is an awful lot of runners for an inaugural race. I ran the inaugural RnR Providence Half Marathon and it was mostly OK (it poured, but that is not in RnR’s control). There were some extra hiccups but overall it was well-run. My friends got stuck in a massive traffic jam trying to get out of parking garage. Thankfully, I had someone drop me off and pick me up so I avoided that. I also ran the 2nd RnR Mardi Gras Marathon, and that was fine too. Probably better run than RnR Providence.

    • Parking is one of my main concerns. There are only so many parking garages in St. Pete, and I’m not sure how many of them are on the actual course.

  2. You know it! Florida Beaches is THE half! Im actually excited about Clearwater even though it’s going to be hard. I think it’ll be so hard it will be humorous! LOL!

    St Pete is going to be a cluster! I think we should try to carpool, whether you stay here the night before or we meet somewhere outside St Pete and leave a car behind. And hopefully we’ll get a good corral like we did for Women’s.

    • Yes. Definitely should try to carpool or something. I really don’t understand where all these people are going to park? Can you imagine the expo? The parking for the Women’s Expo is bad enough, and that was only 7k..

  3. Lots of exciting races on your calendar! It makes me sad that mine is probably empty until spring. Can I just live vicariously through you for awhile? 🙂

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