I’m weak

alternate title: I succumbed to peer pressure
alternate/alternate title: My running team badgered me about running a half marathon on Sunday until I gave in & signed up.

Most of those alternate titles are true. The 10th annual Holiday Halfathon is this Sunday and a big group of the Striders are running. I was the only loser from my group of people I run with that isn’t running. I was holding strong until badgergeddeon of 2011 occurred on facebook.

Somehow an innocent, “I will on the sidelines cheering for you” turned into 3 different facebook status and many comments of “C’mon Jena, just do it.” “You know you want to.” and so on & so forth. These people are serious. I held strong until about 4:30 …. okay, that’s a lie. I actually called Chris around lunch time, and then one other time to ask if him if he minded if I signed up. But don’t tell my Strider friends that I was already weakening so early in the game.

In all seriousness, I feel no pressure for this race.  I wouldn’t run if I didn’t want to. I’m really not so weak that I can’t tell a bunch of relentless women, and one very relentless leader that I don’t want to run.

I’m well aware that I just ran a half-marathon on Sunday. I feel no pressure to PR or even try to PR. I have plans to run with Mrs. Tracey and hopefully cross the finish line in approximately 1hr 52 minutes…. if all goes well. If not, well, I’ll see ya when I see ya. I will not kill myself at this race. I just won’t.

I really need this spiffy looking starfish medal, don’t you think?

After work today I had to go to the post office – ugh, I’m definitely going to try to avoid that place until after Christmas! Then I headed home to get in a good 4 mile run. My left glute has been a little sore since that Bob Harper work out I did on Tuesday, so I wasn’t sure how my run would go.

I am pleased to say that I didn’t have any issues & I had a really successful run. I didn’t have  plan in mind, just wanted to run & see how my legs were feeling.


To bad mile 1 was so slow, I could have had a super speedy average. Say hey to that sub 8 mile 3, “Heyyyyyyy.” I like it when those sub 8’s show up to the party. I felt really good on this run. No fatigue, or pain. The weather has cooled down for a few days, so the air was nice & crisp. Breathing was good, no side/abdominal cramps (yay). I tried to focus on my form – relaxing my shoulders, but keeping them straight up instead of slouched over.

I’ve noticed after my last two half-marathon’s I could barely lift my left arm. I think I get so tense and keep my arms really tight while I run. It was really bad after the Women’s Half, not as bad after the Brandon half. So today I tried to focus on keeping my upper body loose, but in good form.

Do your arms/upper body ever feel sore after a tough run, or half-marathon? 
That can’t just be me.

On Saturday I’m heading up to Leesburg with my sister & her kids for a little 1 mile fun run with my niece. I was talking to Stacey today and she said that Kailyn would rather run up & down the sidewalk then ride her bike. She likes to “practice” running. Apparently she runs laps around the PE field at her school, and really likes it.

This made me oddly excited! I can’t wait to get her into a 5k one day, but for now we are going to try out the 1 mile fun run. Since I’m running the half on Sunday I decided not to do the 5k that is associated w/ the fun run. I’ll just do the one mile with Kailyn & have a good time! I can’t WAIT to see how she does!

Me(crazy hair), Kailyn, Stacey & Aidyn with those rockin’ red socks


If you have kids, do they like to do the fun runs? Have they done a full 5k? Kailyn is 7, I think she could do a 5k, right? How do you train a 7yr old to do a 5k?


12 thoughts on “I’m weak

  1. You really are a Half Fanatic 😉 Nah, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing another half marathon, as long as you are smart about it. I ran a half marathon a week after running a marathon. I knew I was going to run much slower in the half marathon, and it was fine. If you were training for a marathon, you’d be running the equivalent of back-to-back half marathons for several weeks.

    • I’m aiming for the Uranus status for the half-fanatics! 🙂 I’m not to worried about the half on Sunday. I’m just happy to be running!

  2. We do a fun run at our school for students from grade K-8. It is two miles.. so less than a 5K. I know some of the kids there were really struggling to finish and walked a lot, but there is nothing wrong with walking. I finished in about 13 minutes and it was a good 9-10 minutes before a student finished. Not many of the participants were atheletes.. so I think if she is active otherwise.. she will be okay. But let her know that it is okay to walk if she needs to!

    • I think my Nieces school does a walk-a-thon thing, but I don’t think they run. I guess they run around the field in PE. My sister told me that my niece is the 2nd fastest in her class. So cute!

  3. Ewww I dislike busy post offices.. Luckily I live in a small town and never seem to hit the post office rush here..

    That medal is too freaking cute. I want the ribbon its attached with.

    My older boy likes to run with me, but cant really keep up so we go at his pace. He is very interested in running – and a LOT interested in exercise (so much that I often worry he is going to develop eating disorders). He is 7 but not “trained” for a 5k, though if he trained some more I know he could do it..He might not win, but I know he could at least make it the entire way. My last 5K I was passed by a very young child who I did not see stop and walk any. – yeah embarrassing.

    • Oh man, and I was stuck behind a stinky guy yesterday. lol .. That is great that Kaia likes to run with you! Well, you are with him a lot during the day, so you can monitor what he’s eating – if he were going to school you’d wouldn’t be able to make sure he’s eating a good lunch.

      At the Irongirl 5k I ran behind a 10yr old for the entire 3 miles. She started to wear down about 2.75, but after running behind her for so long I couldn’t let her give up. I encouraged her to keep going. She ended up crossing the finish line before me. She was so cute!

  4. Oh come on…you totally gave in for the medal! 😉
    But you’ll have fun, you know it! Especially with a bunch of running buddies to hang out with!

    I’ve noticed that my shoulders really take a beating on my longer runs – I think I notice it the most because it isn’t something you expect. I try to waggle my arms around and loosen them up but its hard to do that while actually running!

    • Wellllll, that medal is pretty sweet! It will be my 4th starfish medal!! Yeah, I’m excited for this race. Just to run & have a good time. No real pressure. Usually on training runs I drop my arms down & shake them out, but I guess during a race I forget to.

  5. I’m excited you’ll be participating! I saw the medal in person at the packet pick-up and it’s amazing!! Are you going to wear anything festive? The only thing I’m doing is painting my nails red. Haha! I would wear a red top but I just got my FitCrew shirt and plan to wear that instead (plus it’s pink… pink always wins).

    LOL @ David’s comment!! Gentle nudging indeed!

    • I did! I was exhausted last night (and i’m waiting for pictures) so I haven’t posted a recap yet. I did get that lovely medal! It’s so cute!

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