I am such a creeper

Tuesday after work I headed to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinners this week, and then headed home to see the puppppieeees.

Diva got a hair cut this weekend. She looks sooooooooooo cute! It’s a battle to cut her hair, which is why she ends up looking like a wildebeast more often than not. Don’t worry, she gets baths regularly, just not hair cuts.


She’s like a new dog. This hair cut took 2 days. Seriously. We/She can only tolerate so much and she is a demon when trying to cut her hair. We ended up cutting her head with scissors vs. the electric razor we use on her body.

Workout: a Bob Harper strength training DVD. It’s a 20 minute strength training work out. I did this work out somewhat often over the summer while I was injured. I really need to do something besides run, and I like this video, sooo yah. – Tomorrow I’m planning on a 4-5 mile easy run.

straight creeper status… On Sunday I asked Chris if we could ride the motorcycle over to a local park that is on the Gulf. I wanted to take some pictures of the sunset with the camera that he got my for my birthday (which is on Saturday…in case you are wondering.) My Mom showed me how to adjust the exposure setting on the camera, so I was playing with that a little bit.

We also saw a dolphin with no dorsal fin. We’ve seen him/her before.. Unless there is more than one running around area, which is possible I guess.


Eventually the sun started to set and I took a few pictures, and earned my creeper status.


This couple was just so cute, I couldn’t resist  plus, they were were right in my shot of the sunset from where I was standing.
My pictures are nothing special, but I like the way they turned out.

Oh, exciting news: I decided which January half I will do.. probably. I’m not registered yet, so nothing is certain, but I’m 99% sure. The Florida Challenge Trail Half. No, I’ve never run a trail race before. Do I think this is a good idea? Uhm, probably not, but it will be a fun challenge.

Jenny & I were planning on doing a half that is down in her neck of the woods, but she text me today and told me that had been cancelled. The only other half in January (that’s not Disney) is the St. Pete Classic, and I don’t want to spend the $$. Besides the $$ for the half, I want to run the St. Pete Classic 10k.


P.S. – I am really sad about this nonsense with Mindy McCready. I used to sing Guys do it all the time at the top of my lungs in elementary school. Those were the good ol’  days.


4 thoughts on “I am such a creeper

  1. Jena!

    I feel like I’m a creeper on your blog! Congratulations on your sub 1:50 half! Ben is going to run the Florida Challenge Half, he’s done another race in the series and L-O-V-E-D it! Also, if you bring a volunteer, you can race for FREE! I’ve already been suckered in to volunteering for Ben, so we will be there for sure.

    • Hey Laura!! Thanks for commenting!! I just read your Space Coast recap the other day – so i’m equally as creepy! 🙂

      I did see that they have that volunteer thing – I feel bad asking Chris to come and stand around for a few hours – even if he would be volunteering. .. plus he’d have to get up so early.. I’ve learned it’s just easier if I go with friends, or alone. He is super supportive, but getting up at ass-crack thirty isn’t his thing 🙂 Congrats on Space Coast! You did awesome!!

  2. Your sunset pictures are beautiful – totally worth a little creeping!

    Trail races are fun – you have a lot going on so you can keep your mind off of any ick you might end up dealing with. However, you MUST train on unpaved trails or you’ll hate yourself. And chances are you’ll have to throw your hopes for PRs or awesome times out the window. But in the end I think it is worth it. There is a whole new level of BAMF-ery that comes with trail running and you usually end up in some really beautiful areas.

  3. I’m so bummed about the Rockin’ Ranch half! That would have been an awesome course and I had the perfect post-race breakfast place in mind! Oh well, the trail one will be really fun too. 🙂 Dave is going to do it and I’m trying to get Mike to take off work/call for it. Plus, this race gets bonus points for being so cheap!

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