I’m crazy & I know it

I’ve started & deleted this post about 4 times since Monday. I just don’t have anything nice to say & you know what your Mama always told you? “If you don’t got nothing nice to say….don’t say nothing.”  Actually, Thumper says that, but so does my Mom.

The truth is, I have nothing nice to say. I’m having a ridiculously trying week, and I can’t wait for it to be over.



I realized on Tuesday that I posted my run from Monday but that’s all I did – I didn’t even say how it went, how I felt..nothing. What kind of idiot am I?  So, let’s talk about Monday’s run. The “interval” run: I’m really not sure what my intervals should be how fast? how long?  My set was fine. Nothing I couldn’t handle, I didn’t feel like I wanted to die. Second set was the same. I don’t think I was trying hard enough. Next time I’ll bump up the speed. I don’t love the treadmill, but I think for now, until I get used to speed work outs, I should stick w/ the treadmill.

Tuesday I was planning on resting because my hips were kind of achy. But then I got home & Wyatt was being a major pain in my butt, which almost led to a major meltdown. I decided I needed to run, and I’d deal with my hips later. I don’t really like running in the dark, but Tuesday I didn’t care. It was 7 when I laced up my shoes & headed out. The air was so cool, and it was just lovely out. I loved every second of that run, except when my garmin wasn’t working right. I don’t have splits for tuesday’s run but I ran 4 miles somewhere between 32-33 minutes. The last 2 miles recorded and they were sub 8 (yay!).

Wednesday: I took my foam roller to work so that I could foam roll my IT band a few times while at work. I had a feeling that the cause for my hip pain was because of tight IT bands. After some good stretches & rolling the ol’ hips are feeling good as new.

Thursday: my stupid soleus on my left leg is being weird. it’s tight and feels weird when I mash the clutch in my car I can really feel it.. and now that I’ve figured out what it is, I’ve been stretching & rolling. I really hope this shiz clears up soon. OH, and I currently smell like a 90 year old man. I took a bath in bengay a few minutes ago. I’ve got that junk 2inches thick on my calves. I hope I wake up with refreshed calves and a happy soleus. think wishful thoughts people.

So. There you have it. My life in 4 paragraphs. exciiiiiiiiting.

and because this post is just totally boring, I’ll leave you with some pinterest pins that made me laugh last night.

Oh hai patient’s that call at 4pm on Friday & expect me schedule them for Monday

Chris doesn’t understand this – but I can’t sleep w/o a blanket. For this reason. I also can’t sleep by the window. I know. I’m weird.

Can someone find out where I can get this? Please & thanx

This is true. I’m crazy like that.


4 thoughts on “I’m crazy & I know it

  1. I hope you have a great weekend to make up for such a disappointing week. And I sleep under blanket and pull it up over my ears because I’m freaked out that some kind of creep crawly will embed themself into my ear at night.

  2. I can’t sleep without a blanket either. And it needs to be a little chilly because I don’t want to be sweating like crazy under said blanket.
    Justin used to sleep in tropical temperuatures, but I”ve since converted him to a tundra sleeper. We’ve even slept with the AC on a few nights. Yeah.. it is Novemeber in New England.. but I need my blanket!

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