fun w/ the whole damn family

It’s officially okay to say damn. On Sunday we went to Clermont to have some family time. My sister, Brianne, is in town from Portland for a few days so we went to Clermont to see her. After church we went to the Historic Village in Clermont to take some pictures. My Grandma showed up to open up the village, or something – she is part of the historic society. When she realized we were all there she said, “The whole damn family is here.”   Ya’ll, this is hilarious- My Grandma is a very Godly woman, and “damn” is the last thing you’d expect to come out of her mouth. She got some good laughs for that one.

You know what is not fun? Watching Wyatt’s every move. That is not my idea of a good time. He has a hot spot above his tail right now and he keeps chewing, chewing,chewing. When we got home yesterday afternoon I noticed that he had chewed all the way down to the skin and it was looking raw. I loaded back up in the car and headed to petsmart to buy a cone. I feel so bad for him #1 bc he has this spot that causes him so much grief #2 because he has to wear a damn cone. Poor guy, he is not happy.

(we do not routinely keep a ladder in the living room. I was using it to decorate the Christmas tree).

Wyatt stood in the same position for about 5 minutes. He would not move. I even put a treat on the floor in front of him & he wouldn’t move. He hates the cone. I’m not sure what causes this hot spot, but this is the 2nd time he’s had it. Last time we took him to the vet where they gave him a steroid shot. I’m trying to avoid that option, but if his spot isn’t healed in a few days we’ll be headed to the vet.

I really can’t believe that November is coming to a closer & December is sneaking up on us! It feels wintery today – it’s rainy and a little windy and the temperature was 61 when I was headed home from work. Yippee!! I’m so excited for the cooler weather.

Unfortunately it had been raining for a few hours so running outside was not a possibility due to flooded streets. I had a speed work out on my schedule. I have no idea what this type of work out is called. I’ll write it out, and y’all tell me what it’s called.

Workout (on the treadmill)


I wrote this out on a piece of paper & then taped it to the wall in front of the treadmill. I’m so creative. ha


I’ll be the first to admit that I was not excited about family pictures. I obviously like to take pictures of myself, but I prefer to be goofy & cut up. Serious pictures aren’t fun. It turned out to be a lot of fun. What was supposed to be a few pictures turned into over an hour of picture taking!  — Lucky you, they aren’t all posted yet (ahem, Mom, work faster please! Smile

see, I don’t do serious very well.


and my favorite one so far:

Okay, this post is obviously very narcissistic. I’m okay with it though. I had a blast yesterday taking pictures with my sisters.

I’ll stop now. If you made it this far, you rock!


11 thoughts on “fun w/ the whole damn family

  1. That is a really good photo of you and Chris! My mom made us do family photos every fall…we seriously suck at standing still and smiling all at the same time, it took forever!

    And I’m laughing at your wintery comment…rainy and 61! But I’m with you, it doesn’t feel like December at all here – at least not to me, the locals have complained about the cold a bit.

    • rainy & 61 is a lot more wintery than it’s been here in a month. It’s been so hot and un-fallish. It’s supposed to be cool(er) the rest of this week. YAY!

    • I’ve been putting neosporin on it, which is proving to be difficult now that he won’t let me near him. I’m going to petsmart today to find something different.

      Thanks! We had a lot of fun taking pictures !!

  2. Bahaha! I love that last picture! You crack me up!
    That speed workout is called intervals. 🙂
    Regarding Wyatt- we have a post-bath treatment that we had gotten for Emma from our natural pet food place that we don’t need anymore. I’ll bring it next time I see you and you can try it on him. You just rub it on him like shampoo after the bath, let it sit for a minute or so and rinse it off.

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