Waking up at 5:43am when you’re supposed to be leaving at 5:45 is really not ideal. That’s how my morning started – I briefly entertained the idea of just staying in bed and doing my 8 miles later or on Sunday. It’s my own fault I slept this late. I set my alarm for 4:50 – snoozed it once, and then turned it off all together. oops.

I rushed around to get dressed, grabbed half a blueberry bagel with some water & was out the door by 5:55. That’s super speedy for me. I’m the slowest person in the world when it comes to getting ready in the morning.

At 6:47 I hit the trail with a whole army of people..which I won’t name because I can’t remember them all. We stopped at the 2 point something water station and had a drink (of water) (to early for alcohol).

I told JM earlier this week that I wanted to run 8 miles, but at a faster pace, around 8:10-8:20 (mostly 8:10). I know I’m capable of this pace, I just have to put my mind to it and get it done.

At the 4 mile mark JM, Rudy & I turned around and headed back, while Tracey & Jackie continued on for Jackie’s (dreaded) 13 miler.

Thankfully we had some cooler weather this morning with low humidity so our run was pretty pleasant. I could tell I was working for the pace we were maintaining, but it felt good. I struggled with the last mile, but that’s understandable seeing as how it was 7:47.



I’m very happy with our run. I need to get that first mile a little faster, but other than that I’m definitely happy with our pace. Especially the last 4 miles. To break 1:50 race pace needs to be an 8:23.  — I will not stop obsessing over breaking 1:50 until it happens, so if it bothers you – you should just exit now and come back around the end of March when race season is over. Smile 


Last week(thanksgiving week) was pretty much a recovery week from my 1/2 on Sunday(11/20). I don’t like to take 3 days off, but my legs were sore, and I had the 10k on Thursday that I wanted to be rested for.

This week I’m running some shorter runs, but hope to incorporate some speed into them. I’m anti-speed work, but I’m not going to get faster with out it, so with the help of some friends I’m going to kick these speed work thing into high gear. (I hope).

November 28th – December 4th

Monday: 5×400’s (1mi warm up;1mi cool down) 4 mi total
Tuesday: 3mi @ 8:15
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3mi @ 8:30
Friday: 4 mi easy
Saturday: undetermined
Sunday: undetermined  (Strider Picnic)

Total: 14 – I’m not sure what our weekend plans are yet, so I’m not sure what/when/where my long run will be.


One thought on “obsessed

  1. At least you got out there!! I woke up to my alarm.. Saw that it was still dark outside, turned it off and went back to sleep.. Traded in my “quick 3 mile planned run” for a slow 2.5 miles on the treadmill. – Im impressed with your runs. Speedy!! You are definitely on track to going Sub 1:50

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