don’t be jealous of my hat

Have you recovered from your Thanksgiving Day food coma?

I’m not going to recap our Thanksgiving food. That’s boring. We didn’t do anything special, besides the Turkey Trot. The guys went fishing .. We ate dinner later than I wanted to. We didn’t have mashed potatoes (sad) but we had some delicious apple pie & pumpkin pie. 

I also learned that taking pictures of oneself is more difficult than it should be. Unless it’s in the bathroom in front of the mirror – I was born with that skill.

it’s okay to be jealous of our hats

Friday morning we said goodbye to Billy & Sherry. They decided to head home a little earlier than planned, which worked out since we had some errands to get done today.

I really wanted to get our Christmas tree today, so we headed to Lowes’ to see what they had. We wanted to see what their prices were so we could compare the prices of the trees at a local church. Apparently the church isn’t selling Christmas trees this year or we were early – There was no tent or trees when we drove by =(  We bought from them on Black Friday last year, so I’m assuming we weren’t early – bummer.  We drove around a little bit to see if any of the other churches were selling trees. Nope.

I did find a farm about an hour away that has trees that we can supposedly cut down ourselves. Do Christmas trees grow in Florida? I have no idea. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

I’m looking forward to my moderately long run Saturday. After Thursday’s great run I’m feeling a little risky & want to try and maintain a pace between 8:10-8:20 .. we’ll see.

It’s time for bed. I’m tired, and I’m starting to get on my own nerves.


2 thoughts on “don’t be jealous of my hat

  1. Awesome hats 🙂 Our Thanksgiving meal was missing a lot of the “mandatory” stuff.. We are doing Part 2 tomorrow and Im looking forward to it. – I dream of cutting down my own tree!! I *really really* want a live tree.. I only ever remember a live tree one year and it was the best.. If I can I want to get one this year. I already have 1 tree up though.

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