marathon foto FTW

Thanks for all the nice comments after my ridiculous whiney, poor poor Jena post on Sunday evening. You guys are nice & I’m whiney. We can still be friends, right?

I took a break Monday from the blog so I could try to think of some positive things about my race. I’m still thinking, but I’ll be back some time in the near future to reflect on that doozy of a race.


That KT tape job is why my knee hurts. that is a jacked up tape job. Let me tell you what happened; I taped my knee before I went to bed, like I usually do. At approximately 2am a herd of elephants arrived in the room above us and proceeded to stampede around for the next 2 hrs. Sometime between 2 –3am I was doing a lot of tossing & turning and the green tape started peeling off. I got up and 3am. pretty sure that is what led to the faulty tape job. It’s fine, my knee is feeling better now, so I’m not so cranky about that anymore.


95% of my pictures have this exact same face. cute.


This picture below is the winner – seriously. my face is awesomeimage

love it.

I’m such a good sport. ha ha ha

but seriously. I PR’d. so, that’s great! I had a rough race, that’s bad. I think I put way to much pressure on myself for this race. who do I think I am anyways? No one cares how I race but me. I mean, of course my team hopes I succeed, but they aren’t going to shun me if I have a bad race. (right guys?..right?) and. I did succeed. I PR’d. I have to just keep telling myself that. I didn’t have the 2 min PR that I wanted, but 30 seconds is better than none, so I’ll be happy with that.

I know I have a sub 1:50 in me. I know I do, but Sunday wasn’t my day. My day IS coming..soon. I have a few other half-marathons on my schedule from now until March.

I’ll get that darn 1:50 if it kills me.


5 thoughts on “marathon foto FTW

  1. Their is no shunning on this team lady. You ran a near perfect 9 miles. Right on track, right on the plan and absolutely right on your current fitness level and ability. I am convinced your last 4 miles sucked mostly becuase the weather was horrible and your knee was starting to play games with you. That race and that result tells me you are a 8:20 Half Marathoner. It will come together and you will experience that this racing season. I am certain of that. Perspective again. You are so much improved over last March that you can still PR by over 30 seconds and be pissed off! That just says your progress is huge. No impact exercise on Wednesday if you are intending to attempt a low 50’s on Thursday. Sorry, but the weather might suck again but that should never detract you from reaching for those running stars. You rock friend. Love to see you in action giving it your all.

  2. Shame on them if they shun you 😉 We all have bad races.. but on the bright side, you PR’d.. that has to count for something and your team should be super proud of you for PRing when it wasnt going so well for you. – Sounds like David is especially proud of you

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