WHM recap in pictures because trust me, you don’t want me to talk about it.

Thanks to Aaron for letting me use some of his pictures in this post.

7AM: GO!


get a good look at that smile, because it doesn’t appear again.. at all

sometimes in the next 13 miles: (somewhere between 7 & 8)

heading onto the pier .. 7 or 8? I don’t know. my brain is fried @ this point

exiting the pier. hallelujah. what good attitude I had also exited at this point.

Hmm, now that I really look @ this picture – I’m not sure where it’s at. There were no cars parked like that on the pier… Aaron? Anyone? Where was this?

There are no pictures from miles 9-12. hallelujah for that as well. I was on pace for the first 9 miles – I was rockin’ it btwn 8:18-8:20 pretty nicely..and then… it just fell apart. I’m a gigantic wimp when it comes to inclines so I’m probably just being a baby but there was a gradual incline for.ev.er at mile 9 and it’s pretty obvious when you look @ my splits that I came unraveled at that point.

The Suncoast Running (our local running store) was at mile 10. I was quite excited to see them as I was counting down the miles until I would see some people i  knew again. that’s sad, right? JM handed me some gatorade, I cussed at her, and then headed off again. I really just wanted to stop and hang out w/ them – that would have been way more fun then running the rest of the race. JM then proceeded to drag me through the next mile. She caught up with me and carried me kicking & screaming through the stupid Tropicana Field. .. she didn’t literally carry me, but that would have been cool. I’m 100% sure that she saved me from dying. I know for a fact that I would have stopped to walk at least twice through that mile, but she is a real drill Sergeant and wouldn’t let me walk.

Suncoast Running was also at mile 12 (it was across the street from 10) so she dumped me there and made me finish by myself. I grabbed 3 cups of water from this stop. (I’m greedy & hot).. I dumped 2 on my head, 1 in my mouth. I hobbled through the last mile and finally crossed the finish line.


The deets: because you didn’t really come here to look at 500 angry pictures of me, did you?


WHM splits 2011-2

On a positive note, I PR’d by 30 seconds…so there’s that. A 2nd positive note, I was on pace for the first 9 miles.. 3rdly ……… {crickets}  I got a pretty finisher’s medal with a pretty charm that I put on a pretty charm bracelet. No pictures right now. I’m tired and don’t feel like it. maybe tomorrow. Oh 4thly, you should thank me for not posting the original recap I wrote of this race. It’s long & whiney. If you thought this recap was whiney, think again, the other one was ridiculous.

Here’s the thing: I feel like an idiot. I’m embarrassed. I feel like I talked all this shit, and then didn’t perform. I know I can’t control the weather and I can’t control the course (although I can control not ever doing this race again). But, it’s still frustrating to not meet a goal..or any of the goals I set for this race.

Other things to note:

  • running on brick street sucks
  • running on astro turf sucks worse (ahem..tropicana field)
  • I had a cramp starting @ mile 3 and subsiding @ 7.5 (fun times)
  • my hips felt like exploding
  • my R knee is killing me
  • I could barely lift my left arm when I crossed the finish line (???)
  • there was no cold water at the finish line
  • publix cookies are really yummy
  • we had record highs today
  • my nickname in school was Whiner Griner – so this recap is right up my alley- whiney

Hopefully when I wake up Monday morning I’ll feel all sunshiney & rainbows again.


10 thoughts on “WHM recap in pictures because trust me, you don’t want me to talk about it.

  1. I don’t think that you should be embarrassed at all. I have read quite a few blog posts about the crushing combination of heat and humidity during this race. It sounds like there were many people who struggled to maintain their training paces let alone their race goal pace.

    Regardless of the weather, it is awesome to run a PR. Don’t neglect to appreciate that part!

  2. First.. super congrats on the PR!! A PR is just that.. no matter how you put it! I’ve heard how hot and humid and uncool the weather was for you during this race.. and running in the heat is totally not fun!
    I hope your knee.. arm.. hips.. and anything else that is bothering you disappears by the time you wake up! ANND… be proud of your run!

  3. First, you deserve a big congrats on the PR! 2nd, there is nothing wrong w/ setting big goals for yourself and sharing them. It’s actually scary to do, so I admire you for thinking big for this race. Your training was totally realistic for running your goal too, so I know you’ll get your sub 1:50 in the future. I’m sorry it didn’t go like you wanted for this race 😦

    Also, I think you look tough and strong in your race photos. Focused, but not too angry! Love your Striders shirt too.

  4. Gotta echo Taratu’s comment about your slamming body. With the sunglasses and serious look, it’s people like you who totally psych me out at the starting line.

    Florida is a great place for a lot of things…racing is not one of them. You had some awful (and don’t discount it as being anything less) conditions and still ran a PR. Obviously you’re in great shape.

    Good thing about having another half in 2 weeks is you can take it easy to nurse your knee, but it’s npot long enough to lose fitness in between.

    You know I share your frustration. Let’s use the fire in our belly to reedem ourselves in the next couple weeks.

  5. You did amazing girl! The weather conditions were terrible and the course less than ideal. I’m giddy that you me and Sherry all PR’ed, my other friends who ran it didn’t. And remember- you have plenty of chances to break 1:50 on our quest to join half fanatics this season. I believe in you Jena! 😀

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