tapering is boring

I wrote a blog post on Tuesday that should have been up on Wednesday. Live writer ate it though, so it didn’t go up. I really don’t know where it went? I set the time to publish @ 12am on Wednesday and then when I checked the blog on Wednesday morning it wasn’t there. I checked my Live Writer when I got home on Wednesday, and it wasn’t there either. It’s a mystery !!

Then, I wrote a post on Wednesday, but it was just boring. I really have nothing to say when I’m not really running. Nothing to bitch about, and nothing to be happy about.

I did run 3 miles on Tuesday. My time was 25:11, 8:23/avg. I also ran on Wednesday, 3 miles 24:32, 8:10/avg. I also ate an entire bag of Pirate’s booty in 2.5 days. Not a snack size bag either, a big size bag.. by myself. Oh well, it was tasty.

Five things Friday

Generally I’m not a fan of popular blog trends, but because I really have nothing else to say, I’ll do a 5 things Friday. Bare with me – please don’t stop reading because of this. I swear next week we’ll be back to the regular woes & triumphs of running.. assuming I don’t die on Sunday – which is a real possibility.

moving on

5 TV shows that I LOVE right now:
1. New Girl
2. Hart of Dixie
3. Body of Proof
4. Bones
5. Flashpoint

5 Songs that I LOVE right now:
1. Sail, Awolnation
2. Hell on Heels, Pistol Annies
3. You & I, Lady Gaga
4. Someone Like You, Adele
5. I need a Dr, Dr. Dre

5 things I’m thankful for right now:
1. Good health
2. The Hubs
3. Family/Friends
4. Running group
5. My Job

5 time goals for the Women’s Half
1. 1:4X:XX  (it’s a secret)
2. 1:4X:XX (another secret)
3. 1:49:10
4. 1:49:59
5. 1:50:XX

5 things I’m looking forward to
1. frying a turkey for thanksgiving
2. friends spending the thanksgiving weekend with us
3. buying our Christmas tree
4. Cooler weather that stays & doesn’t leave
5. Women’s Half-Marathon

5 Meals I could eat over & over and never get sick of
1. meat loaf & mashed potatoes
2. sausage with green peppers & onions
3. spaghetti
4. shepherds pi
5. chicken & yellow rice

5 Random pictures from my phone (last one.swear)


Next time you hear from me, I’ll probably be having an anxiety attack! Sunday is closing in … dun dun dun


6 thoughts on “tapering is boring

  1. Is it sad that I have only heard of one of those TV shows and none of the songs. I basically live under a rock.

    Good luck with your race on Sunday! You’re going to kill it! Can’t wait to read the race report. 🙂

    • Well, you’ve been in India for the last 5 months, so i’ll cut you some slack 😉 One of the shows, Flaspoint, is a canadian show, and I found it on Netflix – I’m not even sure they show it on TV here. I’ve been watching the current season on Amazon. 2 of the shows, Hart of Dixie & New Girl are new this fall, so I definitely wouldn’t expect you to know those 2, and I think Body of Proof was new last fall.. … the songs.. all new songs. You definitely don’t live under a rock – look @ all the traveling your doing? You just don’t live in the USA right now, that’s all. =)

  2. Allrighty, you’ve got to tell me what pirate’s booty is! If it’s that tasty I probably want some. Also, is it sad I’ve not seen any of your 5 favorite shows? The woes of no cable or satelite TV… Good luck on Sunday, and do NOT have an anxiety attack! 🙂 I know you’re going to run sub 1:50 for sure. I can feel it.

    • Pirates booty is cheese puff type things. I think they are gluten free or something along those lines. I got them @ the Gasparilla expo in 2010 and I’ve had it a few times since then. Very tasty. The bag I’m currently working on is called Wisconsin cheese or something like that. Made me thing of you & heidi (Even though i know you aren’t in WI)

      We are at the hotel now in St. Pete just hanging out… I hope I have a sub 1:50 in me tomorrow!

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