get it together

What a great weekend! It was totally relaxing (except for the part where I spent a few hours cleaning the house).. but other than that, it was nice & relaxing.

Monday Tuesday is here, and with Monday Tuesday brings last weeks recap, and a new meal plan. I’ve been slacking on the meal planning – well, I haven’t been putting it on the blog, but I’ve still been planning meals. It’s the only way I can stay in my grocery budget.

Let’s look at last week’s miles:

What should have been & what actually happened

Monday –  5  actual 3 – thank you creeper
Tuesday – 6 – actual 6
Wednesday-  rest actual 3  I wanted to make up the miles from Monday
Thursday- 5 actual was 5
Friday- rest yup, I rested
Saturday- 10 actual 10.. harder than I anticipated but still 10
Sunday- rest for sure rested. my legs were done

Total actual miles – 27

That’s a pretty good week of training (for me). 


This week is an easy week with all runs being at a slow, relaxed pace and without my garmin.

Monday, Thursday & Saturday are rest days
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday are 3 mile days
Sunday is race day

After this race I want to work on increasing my mid-week miles. Unfortunately, this time of year is probably not the best time to try and start increasing miles, only because it gets dark so early. Running more than 5 or 6 miles before dark is difficult. This might be easier to accomplish if I could get out the door for a run in the morning. It would seem that no time of year is really a good time to run; it’s either to hot, or get dark to early. I guess I’m going to have to decide which one I hate less. This is a something I need to think about ,and re-visit after this weekend.


This week brings nothing but easy meals. I didn’t feel like scouring the interwebz or cookbooks for new recipes this week so I’m sticking with some oldies, but goodies.

grilled buffalo chicken w/ carrots
sausage w/ peppers & onions

and I’ll have to come up with one other meal, maybe left over spaghetti or chili. I’ll be out of town Saturday night, and possibly Sunday night at dinner time, so Chris will have to fend for himself.

Organized hoarding:

Sunday I watched hours of Extreme Couponing on TLC. hours. It was the only thing on. I can’t understand the obsession with having that much crap in your house. No way. I could understand an extra couple of body washes, soaps, canned goods.. but entire rooms/garages dedicated to extra stuff. No. Even if it’s free. I don’t care. I don’t have enough time, or patience for that mess. Plus, there are no stores locally that have the kind of in-store programs that these people seem to be taking advantage of.

Chris told me that he wouldn’t mind if we had a small stockpile. I just stared at him. I would agree with have a small amount of canned goods, and some water stored. But, I don’t need half my house full of stuff I won’t be alive long enough to use.

How do you feel about extreme couponing? Organized hoarding? or Necessary?


8 thoughts on “get it together

  1. Oooh Extreme Couponing. Justin and i watched that all day once. He was convinced he wanted to become one. His definition of extreme couponing involves buying a photo album to put coupons in; buying the Sunday paper, taking the Sunday paper coupons from his parents, and putting coupons into said album. Then he usually leaves this all at home when we go to the store. haha.

  2. Another solid week of training…you are going to rock your half!

    With the size of our current apartment stock piling isn’t an option. And even if it was I do not have the patience to organize and track what I do/don’t have!

  3. Nice staying on track (despite the creeper run!)

    Im not liking the getting dark early bit, but love how bright it is in the morning. I actually have time to run in the mornings now without having to wait on the sun to come up.

    My church recommends storing 1 year food supply (and everything else to get you through)… So I stock-pile stuff.. but its stuff that we use and I only do 3 months supply.. I dont go to extremes but I have enought to make it useful. And useful it was! When I moved out of my sisters house I left everything like soap, body wash, shampoo, dish soap, etc. Thankfully I had my stock-pile of stuff and was able to use it instead of having to buy all that stuff from scratch. My “stockpile” fits inside my pantry along with my everyday food stuff and I have a small tote of extra flour and sugar and stuff.

    • I think that if they are going to donate the majority of it then that’s one thing – but a $100,000 worth of goods in your house. .. Can you imagine having to move that stockpile if they ever had to move? oh no ma’m, not me. (BTW, thanks for commenting! I love seeing comments from new people, or lurkers 🙂 )

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