That wasn’t what I intended on

I’m becoming one of those weirdo’s that enjoys getting up early on Saturdays for a long run. I can honestly say that I start looking forward to my long run on Monday morning once my legs have recovered from the previous long run beating.

This week was no different. I’ve been anticipating my last long run. Next Sunday is the Women’s Half-Marathon.(ah!) I think I’m enjoying my long runs so much because the weather has finally cooled off. It’s very enjoyable to run in 50* with no humidity. My lungs are so happy, they do a little dance in my chest when I start running. Really.. 

This morning the temp was a little cooler than 50, like 40, and it was lovely. Well, it was 40 in my neck of the woods, I don’t know what it was at the running spot, but it’s in the woods (literally) so it was probably pretty cool. Anyways, this isn’t a weather blog…

I hit the trail at 6:45 with: Jackie, David, Rudy, Randy, Michele #2, Tanya & Christina were around somewhere…somewhere along the way we met up with Tara & JM. .. I think I have short term memory loss, I don’t remember them being with us until mile 4.. Anyone want to help me out here?  (after reviewing pictures from the run I believe they were in front of us,they stopped @ a water stop that we passed and then caught us @ mile 4).

We hit our first water stop at 4 – we usually stop @ 1.3mi, but this morning we (some of us) passed it up and trucked onto the next stop..which is somewhere before mile 4, but I don’t remember where..darn this memory loss. I took my gel at mile 4 – yum. I love apple-cinnamon hammer gels, they are delicious

For the majority of our run, I was bringing up the rear of our pack; they were killing me with the pace. I had every intention of running a “moderately” paced 10 miles today. I don’t even know what moderately paced would consist of, but I can assure that it’s not an 8:18 avg with miles 7 –10 being below an 8:10 pace. pinky promise that’s not what I meant to do. oopsies.


I looked at butts for 10 miles. It’s okay though, they were nice butts. We have a lot of great butts in our group. Runners have great butts. moving on

I’d be lying if I said that miles 7 – 10 weren’t tough, but if were easy, Chris would do it.. whoa. just kidding. what is wrong with me? I’ll tell you, I’m on cup number 4 (or 5) of coffee since the Strider social hour.. heh

As with any run that’s 10+ miles I ice bathed when I got home. good times. My IT bands are a little cranky right now, so this week I will focus on easy runs with lots of stretching & foam rolling.

I’m currently sitting in bed, listening to music, playing on the internet, and listening to Chris vacuum the window sills. I think I’m going to enjoy him being off on the weekends. My second favorite thing about long run days (besides the non-guilty feeling I have about copious amount of coffee) …doing nothing all day long. It’s just glorious.

Happy long run day


4 thoughts on “That wasn’t what I intended on

  1. I have started loving early mornings again…although today I got up at 6am to clean house and do laundry, no running. I’m seriously slacking, oops.

    And you are going to completely smash your half next weekend! Crazy awesome! 🙂

  2. I thinking need to find myself some running partners. It sounds great to have a group to meet up w/ when you’re tackling long distances. I also need to somehow rearrange my life do I lay around & relax after a long run. I’ve never quite managed to make that happen either. Sounds nice. 🙂 And Heidi is right; you are going to run an awesome 1/2!!

    • Doing long runs w/ a group is awesome. I’m 100% certain it’s the reason I’ve been able to tackle longer distances at faster speeds. I run with people that are slightly faster than me and it makes me push to keep up with them. As for rearranging your life – I guess I’m fortunate to be able to lay around after a long run. 🙂

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