That wasn’t an invitation

So, our weekend was pretty uneventful. I ran 12 measly miles on Saturday, and then Sunday I sat on the couch for hours on end drinking coffee and watching some crazy fast chicks haul ass through New York City. That was a pretty intense ending. Chris hooked his computer up to our TV so I got to watch the marathon on the big screen instead of on a tiny 15” monitor.

uhm yes. I can post stupid pictures of myself if I want to. – That’s what I look like on a random Sunday morning while I’m vegged out on the couch drinking delicious coffee.

That’s also my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m going to run the WHM in 2 weeks.

but anyways.

After the elites finished the NYCM I finally got off the couch and did laundry. I did laundry for approximately 7 hrs. seriously. I hate laundry. but, now it’s done, and I have none today for a few days. (that also gets the above face!)

I will go ahead and let you know that I really dislike the fact that the sun is setting while I’m driving home from work. I also don’t like heading out for my 5 mile run while the sun is setting. I’m a daylight runner. I like seeing where I’m going – I like to see the guy that is going to try to kidnap me as I run down the road.

So when I had to head out for my run mid sunset, I wasn’t thrilled. I was even less thrilled that my calves were achy – I think it’s the new brooks, I’m thinking about leaving them alone until after the WHM, then I can work on breaking them in.

anyways. as I was running along at an okay pace I came to a road, so I stopped, and a truck also stopped to let me cross before he turned. okay thanks guy. … then he yelled out, “Hey, you don’t need to do that anymore.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about – so, like an idiot, I asked.


Guy: “Run”

me: “Why?”

Guy: “ because you already look good.”

….yah.. I can see how I totally walked into that. idiot.  I laughed, said thanks and ran off. that should have been the end of the story – I’m sure you can tell that it’s not. If it was, it’s not even worth mentioning. I think I was about a mile into my run at this point. The guy drove me past me 3 times in the next 1/2 mile.

I wouldn’t normally find this odd. They are doing some work on the canal in our area, and that has a lot of workers in and out of our area. It’s been going on since we moved here (1.5yrs) so it’s not like I can stay inside till it’s over. who knows when that will be…

What totally creeped me out, and made me turn around and head home, is when the guy pulled into a side street next to where I would be running and stopped. It’s kind of like an access road & I would have to run right next to it to continue my run, but when I saw him pull in & slow down I decided to cut my run short and head home. The road doesn’t access anything – I assume it was put there because at one point they were probably planning on building some houses – but they never did, so there was no reason for him to be there.

Maybe I’m being paranoid – maybe he was just pulling in there to…. I don’t know. but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Anyhow, I was totally annoyed for the rest of my run and every time I heard a car/truck get near I got all agitated and peaked to the side to see if it was Mr. White Ford F150.  I can handle honks, or whistles, or even a comment ..but this was just to much.

I’m over-reacting, right? ? Chris thinks I need to carry a gun when I run. Where in the world would I put a gun?

Chris isn’t the only one who thought running with a gun is a good idea.


I could wear this under my running shorts. wth? actually, I’m not sure HOW this is worn.


hubba hubba

I can keep going if you’d like? No? Okay. Fine. I’ll stop.

Here’s to hoping Tuesday’s 6 miler is less creepy.


6 thoughts on “That wasn’t an invitation

  1. I would have been the same exact way as you were. Over reacting? Maybe. but then I would over react too, but I think what you did is completely normal. Clearly this dude is a total creep. I probably would have sprinted home. It is hard not to assume the worse.. because you hear bad stories.

    My dad actually bought me a can of pepper spray..that is made for runners and you can hook onto.. something. I don’t know. I honestly haven’t opened it yet.

    Whenever a car slows down near me.. I get nervous. I turn around and check out the car.. if they pull over I keep looking back t make sure they are going into a house and not running after me.. and then I carefully look for that car again.
    I hope Mr. F150 has the day off today!

    • I should look into pepper spray or something – Chris wants me to take a self defense class…which I’m not really into. I hate feeling like I have to be scared in my own neighborhood. So stupid.

  2. I would like it if Chris always went with you….even if he rides the bike or drives or something!!!! This is not cool. 😦 Makes a momma worry!

  3. Yeah, I would have freaked out just a tiny bit. I have a crazy active imagination and watch way too many crime dramas!

    I’ve come across some crazies when running in the early morning dark – even if Chris isn’t up I’ll still text him where I’m at and what happened {in as few words as possible as I keep running to avoid drawing more attention to myself}. My theory is that if I disappear they at least know where to start looking!

    Be safe…even if it might mean jumping to conclusions and over reacting!

    • I think my creeper alert was on high on Monday because Chris was out of town for work. So he wasn’t home when I left, and neither was my Dad -so no one would notice if I didn’t come back in a timely fashion. Plus, I had to stay upstairs by myself and that freaks me out as well. I’m a huge wuss when it comes to being home alone all night. ..this is why we’ve been going to the gun range .

  4. Id probably shoot myself in the crotch if I ran with a gun… though I have entertained the idea quite a bit.. Im paranoid as is. I only run in heavily populated areas. There are a few short spurts of road like 1/2 mile or 3/4 mile that I dont even run on because the lack of houses.. But they look great for running. I carry mace, but mace is nothing when faced with a gun.. I think you did the right thing by turning around. Ive switched up my route a few times because of creepers. Better to be paranoid and slightly off track with a change in plans than kidnapped 🙂

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