reppin’ 1999

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I found that picture thing above while searching confidence on Pinterest.

All week I’ve been pretty apprehensive about my long run this week. My stupid legs were sore for 3.5 days – when I ran 4 miles on Wednesday my IT band was so tight I’m 100% sure you could have bounced a quarter off of it. Not cool.

I decided 12 miles was going to be the distance, and then picked 8:40 as a pace that I thought was maintainable. The majority of my long runs have been in that pace range, and I like to play it safe.

I recruited Jackie to run along side me for 12 miles. she kindly agreed (thank goodness).

I stalked the weather all week, and was pretty excited to see that our temps would be in the high 40’s/low 50’s at 6:45 Saturday morning! Yeehaw! That’s perfect running weather.

I should really ask Chris if we can put the full length mirror somewhere besides in the bathroom.  – Don’t be hatin’ on my Adidas snap up pants – those are circa 1999, y’all. I bought those pants for softball tryouts my freshman year of high school. …. 1999. I love those pants.

Please note: I didn’t run in those pants, but I stood around in them until we started our run this morning. I’m not tryin’ to stand around in the wind with no pants on. I did wear that long sleeve shirt w/ a tank top underneath, and that awesome I Love Publix head thing – Oh, and I wore those lime green gloves in my hand. I don’t play with that cold. I love the cold, but I don’t want to be cold.

Jackie & I started out with a big group of people, Tanya, David, Scott…and other people. It was dark, I couldn’t see – Which brings me to another thing I realized this morning; Running in a straight line when it’s dark is not my strong suit. I kept bumping into Tanya & Jackie. I’m surprised they didn’t elbow me in the head.

Eventually the crowd thinned out and it was just me and jackie. poor jackie.


We stopped at 2, 4, 6.5 & 8 for water stops. I took a hammer gel at miles 4 & 8. I never felt like I was getting tired (until mile 10.5) but I want to practice with gels to make sure my stomach can handle them. so far so good.

I’m really pretty surprised at our pace today – I’m surprised that I felt strong for the entire run. I kept looking down at my Garmin and kept seeing numbers that were sub 8:40 – I was happy, but I was wondering when I was going to run out of steam.

In my long runs, and even in my short week day runs I’ve been trying to make my last miles faster than the first miles. I want to make sure that I still have gas in the tank when it matters most. I don’t want to crawl across the finish line – I want to finish strong. I don’t pay money to half-ass a race (usually). If you don’t believe me, I can link you up to all my long runs for the last 5-6 weeks. You will see a trend of faster miles at the end of the run.

The last mile was tough. it involved cursing and maybe a scream or two. but it hurt so good. It feels great to finish a run strong.

That 12 miler wrapped up my last (hard) long run before the WHM on Nov 20th. Next week I will do an easy 10 miler, and then the following Sunday is race day.

Congrats to all the Striders who ran the Savannah RnR today!

Good LUCK! to all the NYCM runners!


4 thoughts on “reppin’ 1999

  1. Sounds like you had a very solid run! Once you get your taper in your legs and body will be jumping to run the race hard!

    And please tell me you ripped those snap pants off! I remember begging my parents for pants like that!

  2. Awesome run Jena! You’re so ready to rock this half!! You are so fancy in your snap pants and that shirt is my favorite l/s tech tee from last season! I still giggle whenever I think about the moment when we realized what drugs we were supposed to say no to. Random good times!

  3. Yes those 20th century pants are rather putrid. And why an “easy” 10? Not too easy or your body will enjoy it too much. 8 days away is far enough out to move it much closer to moderate all the way. Get your heart rate up some speedy. Great job last Saturday, I wish I could have stayed with you two, but they again you can’t run straight in the dark…..

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